Studio Pilates Franchising

How Much is a Studio Pilates Franchise?

how much is a Studio Pilates franchise

So, how much is a Studio Pilates franchise? A Studio Pilates franchise costs between $200,000 and $350,000+ to set up. This includes “the whole lot” – construction costs, equipment, franchise fees and training costs. There are no hidden costs or fees.  

Establishment costs vary from city to city, and country to country, and it all depends on how large the studio is.

A larger studio carries with it slightly higher establishment costs, but conversely, it has a much higher ability to earn more money, as more people can attend classes and therefore more revenue is able to be generated.

We see some larger established studios generating sales nudging closer and closer to the seven-figure mark each year. This is an incredible result for such a relatively low investment, in comparison to other fitness clubs. Traditional gymnasiums often cost in excess of $1,000,000 to set up, and ongoing costs can be crippling. This creates fierce competition and results in providers going out of business, often with significant debt.

Studio Pilates has very low establishment costs, high earning capabilities and has never had a studio close its doors.  We continue to go from strength to strength, year after year, and our network of franchisees continues to expand. We now span more countries than any other Pilates franchise in the world and we invite you to become part of our ever-growing network of Pilates devotees.  

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