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How Sleep Helps You Achieve A Fitness Goal

We all know that when it comes to achieving a fitness goal, exercise and good nutrition are key, but did you know that sleep is just as important? Rest and recovery are often the missing piece of the puzzle and if you’re not clocking 7-9 hours of sleep each night, it could be what’s stopping you from achieving your goals. In the same way we have supplements to help us power our workouts, sleep supplements are designed to promote a good night’s sleep. Our friends over at  höm Nutrition who are also one of our Amplify Challenge partners have created höm Sleep, which thanks to its scientific formulation of ingredients, aids muscle recovery, improves the quality of your sleep, reduces stress levels in the body and falls into deep sleep faster (and comes in three delicious flavors making it the perfect dessert). 

Here are 3 ways sleep helps you achieve your fitness goals. 

  • It aids muscle repair and recovery 

When we exercise, particularly when we perform any type of strength and resistance training, our muscles develop micro tears and it’s the repair of these micro-tears that results in muscle strength and growth. This repair only happens during sleep when our bodies release a growth hormone, which repairs the muscle and tissue in the body. 

  • It helps us make better choices 

Ever noticed that after a sleepless night you find yourself craving chocolate and sweets? That’s not a coincidence. Depriving your body of the sleep it requires will see you more likely to reach for sugary snacks for energy, giving you a higher chance of deviating from your nutrition plan and making unhealthier choices. That dreaded 3:30itis that has you reaching for the office cookie jar could be a sign you didn’t get enough sleep. 

  • It helps increase and improve performance 

There are a number of negative effects associated with lack of sleep, including decreased reaction times, quick exhaustion and difficulty making decisions, which in a physical setting can also put you at a higher risk of injury. If you’re looking to get stronger and go up a spring or increase the number of classes you participate in each week, getting enough sleep can make all the difference in how you perform athletically. 

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