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How To Achieve Your Healthiest Hair

Our external appearance is often a good reflection of what’s going on on the inside. It’s no coincidence that your skin glows that little bit brighter when you focus on maintaining a varied diet full of wholefoods, hydrate with lots of water and move your body regularly. But did you know that the same can be said for our hair too? The health of our hair is dependent on a number of different things, including our lifestyle, our diet and the heat styling tools and products we use too! Here’s 3 simple ways you can achieve your healthiest hair. 


  • Regular exercise promotes growth 

We all know that exercise is good for our physical health and our skin health, but it’s also proven to be good for our hair health too. Exercise stimulates blood flow and circulation (aka it promotes more oxygen to your scalp) which can help stimulate hair growth. That’s one way to stay motivated to keep working out! Furthermore, the natural oils produced in your scalp during exercise (sebum produced by the sebaceous gland) keeps your hair naturally hydrated and is essential for growth. 


  • Eat a varied diet full of wholefoods 

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, including good amounts of protein and healthy fats can help strengthen your hair and promote shine (as well as benefits your skin and nails too). Foods that are rich in omega-3 like salmon, tuna, chia seeds, walnuts and dark leafy greens will help promote lustrous shine, and foods high in protein like lean meats, eggs, greek yoghurt and nuts will help keep those strands strong! 


  •  Use good quality heat styling tools 

It goes without saying that too much heat can cause damage to your hair and the optimal styling temperature is said to be 185 degrees celsius. ghd heat styling tools work at 185 degrees celsius, which is the ultimate styling temperature to achieve ultimate long lasting results without heat damage. Furthermore, each ghd heat styling tool has a heat styling product that coats, seals and shields the hair for an added lawyer of protection! 


To help save time getting from Pilates to work – particularly on dreaded hair wash day –  the new ghd Duet Style is your bathroom BFF, cutting styling time in half by conveniently combining drying and styling. The 2-in-1 hair styler dries and styles hair without causing damage!  – the perfect tool for the busy gal-on-the-go! 


And for those looking for something they can leave in their handbag or gym bag, look no further than the cordless ghd unplugged ! With 20-minutes of charge it’s the perfect touch up tool to keep your hair looking flawless when you’re on the go! 


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