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How to Train Like a Dancer

It’s far from a secret that many athletes use Pilates as a cross training tool, and that’s particularly true of dancers. Pilates has many benefits that complement their rigorous training including injury recovery and prevention, improving balance and stability, enhancing flexibility and improving posture and alignment. One example of a dancer and actress who loves Pilates is Juliet Doherty, who is heading to Australia to perform in the Ballet International Gala later this month. We took five minutes with Juliet to find out a little more more about how she trains, a typical day in her life and why she loves Pilates.


Age: 25


Occupation: Dancer/Actress


How long have you been dancing for? 

I’ve been dancing for 22 years! I’m the 4th generation of dancers in my family and I started taking classes at 3 years old. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

Firstly, breakfast – then yoga or Pilates, meditation, and breath practices. Some days I’ll do ballet technique classes, and other days I’ll train in ways where I feel I need balance. I very much listen to my body. 


How often do you train? 

I’ll make sure I’m doing ballet technique classes every day when I’m prepping for shows, but I love to switch up my training styles. I will go hiking, bouldering, lift weights, swim, surf, do yoga or pilates. It all depends on where I’m based at that time and what project I’m working on.


Do you do any cross training with ballet? 

Yes! I’ve been cross training ballet technique with many movement modalities like yoga, Pilates, gyrotonic, and even recently began picking up aerial silks. 


When did you start doing Pilates/who introduced you to it?

I started doing Pilates when I was about 12 years old. I was introduced to it at my first ballet summer intensive and have loved it ever since. 


What do you love the most about Pilates? 

I love how grounded it makes me feel. 


What are the biggest benefits you get from Pilates classes? 

I really get the time to slow down and focus on balancing my body. It stabilises and brings attention to certain muscle groups I don’t always get to work closely with when I’m doing ballet. 


What are some of the ways you nourish your body? 

I always feed my cravings! Loads of fresh produce is my favourite thing and of course dark chocolate. 


What’s your biggest health tip?

Drink more water.


What’s been your biggest career highlight to date? 

Hard to choose one thing but recently it’s been the people I’ve been working with and the friends I continue to make everywhere I travel. 


What’s next for Juliet? 

The Red Shoes: Next Step is a feature film I was a part of that will premiere later this year! August 26, 27 and Sept 3, I have three shows coming up with Ballet International Gala in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


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