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It’s Never Too Late To Start Studio Pilates

There’s no denying the popularity of Pilates and everyone from professional athletes and A-List stars right through to those rehabilitating from injury can’t get enough of the low impact high result workout… and with very good reason. Pilates is one of the most inclusive, effective and beneficial forms of exercise you can do. It stabilises your spine and improves posture, increases flexibility and mobility, promotes lean muscle growth and strengthens your core all without placing stress and strain on the joints, unlike some other forms of higher impact/intensity exercise classes. 

For this reason, Pilates is one of the most universally loved forms of exercise and more specifically at Studio Pilates – our workouts are designed by a team of physiotherapists making them safe, effective and transformative for clients of all ages and fitness levels. One example is 85-year-old Studio Pilates Mosman client Ed Blakely – a former Berkley Professor who started attending regular Pilates classes after the pandemic and never looked back (you might recognise him from Studio 10 – if you missed it catch it here). 

What was the catalyst that prompted you to come into Studio Pilates Mosman?
I joined Studio Pilates Mosman after the Covid-19 pandemic. I had done no full body exercise for nearly one whole year and needed to revitalise my body and regain all the strength I had lost during that time. The tricky thing was I also had a toe injury so walking and lifting weights wasn’t possible so I decided to take up Pilates. I initially started out doing mat Pilates but found it very difficult to get up and down from the floor so I’ve found being on the reformer is more supportive for me. 

How long have you been training with Studio Pilates?
About 18-months and during that time I’ve done over 180 classes and have even completed the infamous “Hell Week” challenge while I was dealing with a significant toe injury and I thought if I can do 10 classes in 5 days, then reformer Pilates really was for me. It all worked out pretty well and I’ve now done over 180 classes! 

How many classes do you attend a week?
I’m very consistent as I find consistency is the key to not only gaining but also maintaining results. I generally do 3-4 studio pilates classes per week and find that’s the sweet spot to work all the muscles in my body from head to toe. 

What’s your favourite exercise in an SP class?
The initial abdominal series – a strong core changes everything, particularly for someone of my age and I think it’s something older people need to be really mindful of to maintain functional movement. 

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve felt/seen/noticed in your brain and body?
My back/spinal mobility has significantly improved after 50 years of back pain and I’m more mentally aware of my body and its positioning. I also now sit at a desk for work, so I find regular classes have really helped.

Had you ever done Pilates before?
No, I had never done a Pilates class before and I only wish I had started sooner. 

What do you enjoy the most about SP?
The staff – they help me modify any exercises and certainly hold me accountable. 

Why would you encourage everyone to give it a go?
I would say everyone can benefit from Pilates – especially if you’re over the age of 65! Just give it a go! 

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