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Olympic Gold Medallist Stephanie Rice reveals her Love of Studio Pilates


Former Australian Olympic swimmer and gold medallist Stephanie Rice recently revealed how important Pilates has been both during and after her competitive swimming career. Having retired last year, Rice relocated to the US, but during an extended holiday in Australia, showed off her fantastic figure.

She revealed that her toned physique is all thanks to four reformer Pilates classes per week. She also revealed on Wednesday that Pilates was essential to her results in competitive swimming – Rice completed two Studio Pilates International reformer classes per week. Posting a photo of herself doing Pilates at Studio Pilates Hawthorne, Stephanie wrote that “Pilates is good for me because I can control the movements and make sure I am using all the right muscles without injuring myself. “Whether you’re an elite athlete training hard or just want to keep fit and injury free, Studio Pilates can help you, just like we helped Stephanie Rice!