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Pilates is Trending on Tik Tok and We Can’t Get Enough

There’s no denying how much we love a good Tik Tok trend. From the green goddess salad and baked feta pasta right through to hot girl walks and high protein jelly, despite the negative connotation some people have with the social media platform, there are actually many positive and beneficial health and wellness trends that have populated our news feeds recently. But none have excited us quite as much as #PilatesGirl – a hashtag that is currently going viral on Tik Tok for all the right reasons. 


If you don’t have a Tik Tok account, let us set the scene. Pilates Girls are very proud of their routines, and often talk about the benefits low impact workouts have on their hormones, digestion, skin and general well being on their platforms. Pilates Girls are identifiable through their aesthetic feeds, which often showcase cute matching activewear sets, oat matcha lattes and vlogs showcasing their morning skincare routines, nourishing breakfasts and low intensity workouts. These girls value their health and wellbeing and are proud to show off their wholesome lifestyles, opting for Pilates and ‘hot girl walks’ (another Tik Tok trend which is a 6km walk while listening to a podcast or audiobook) instead of HIIT training and heavy weights. 


Many of these creators have attributed their tight and toned physiques and positive mindsest to ditching hardcore gym workouts and replacing them with mindful movement like Pilates and walks, and we absolutely love to hear it. 


Unlike HIIT workouts, which put the body under a significant amount of stress and can raise stress and cortisol levels leading to chronic fatigue, a lowered immune system and feelings of anxiety, Pilates is a low impact workout and thanks to the deep muscle activation, is great for the central nervous system. 


The ripple effect from Pilates is huge, and is known to improve everything from hormone regulation and digestion right through to sleep and cognitive function. 


For this reason, Pilates has proven its popularity far beyond just Tik Tok, with many A-List celebrities frequently snapped leaving Pilates classes of their own. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Jenifer Lawrence, Hailey Beiber and Kate Hudson are just a few who swear by the method. 



Pictured: Emmy Wyman, Mt Gravatt client.