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Pilates Reformer Machine

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Pilates reformer machines are used in some Pilates classes to boost resistance and add a tonne of variety over a Pilates mat class.

Pilates reformer classes are great fun and can be incredibly challenging, plus they get great results.



The Pilates reformer machine was designed almost 100 years ago, and is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever designed, with literally hundreds and hundreds of exercises able to be performed on it. And yet, the basic mechanics are very simple, based around a wooden or metal frame, with a sliding carriage, hand straps on a pulley system, and a set of springs which are housed under the machine, to deliver varying levels of resistance to each exercise.


Pilates reformer machines often look quite intimidating at first, but once you get to know what you’re doing, you’ll find them super easy to use, and amazed at how every body part can be worked so thoroughly.

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