Celebrities Loving Pilates

Professional AFL Player & Studio Pilates Instructor

You may know 22-year-old Dee Heslop, an Australian Rules Footballer who plays for the Brisbane Lions AFLW… but something you might not know about her, is that she’s also a Studio Pilates Pilates instructor. Since Dee started incorporating Studio Pilates into her training split, she noticed such an incredible improvement in her own strength and athletic performance that she decided to take it to the next level and become a Studio Pilates Instructor. 

Instructing perfectly complements her lifestyle as an athlete, by allowing her to take classes in the morning and then attend training sessions in the evening. Dee has already given thought to what her life might look like after her football career, and she hopes to one day own her own Studio Pilates studio. 

How has Pilates improved your athletic performance as an athlete?
Being an athlete I have noticed a big change in my performance including the strength that you build in those smaller muscles, which really helps overall. Some examples and things I’ve noticed are running mechanics, lifting heavier in the gym, becoming more powerful and flexible all ‘round, which helps to prevent injuries.

What was the catalyst that prompted you to become a Studio Pilates qualified instructor?
Just thinking about my future after my AFLW career as we all know you can’t be an athlete forever unfortunately. I love Pilates so being a qualified instructor can hopefully allow me to grow my understanding better and hopefully one day have my own studio. 

How did you find the process of the course?
Studio Pilates has made it so accessible online, being able to complete those online hours fitting in with all my training was great. Doing the Studio Pilates Platinum Course in person was honestly the best having met so many amazing people plus the program facilitators making it so enjoyable.

How does being a Studio Pilates Instructor complement your lifestyle?
It’s a perfect balance being an athlete. It allows me to have something else I can focus on outside of AFLW. It also allows me to instruct in the mornings and then being able to go to my training throughout the afternoons which is great.

What do you love most about instructing?
I get to meet so many amazing people – both clients and instructors each day which makes my job so rewarding. 

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about becoming an instructor?
100% do it! Life is too short and you won’t regret it.

What sets Studio Pilates apart for you?
Studio Pilates is honestly an amazing business, the culture they have created inside their studios and the love and passion that each person has is incredible. It makes working out so enjoyable and always wanting to come back for more even when you can’t walk the next day.