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4 Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout Through the Season Change

Raise your hand if winter sucks the will out of your motivation to workout? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! From the chillier temperature to the later sunrises and earlier sunsets, the temptation to hit snooze or skip your post work class in favor of a night on the couch is at an all time high. 

We all know that when it comes to exercise, consistency is key to seeing results, so here are 4 tips that will help you stay motivated to workout through the season change. 

  • Schedule your workouts in your diary

You would never cancel a work meeting just because you didn’t feel like going and we shouldn’t treat our workouts any differently. Set aside an hour on Sunday to plan your week and diarise your work meetings, social events and workouts so you mitigate any calendar clashes that might prevent you from skipping. 

  • Make your screensaver motivational 

Whether it’s your iPhone wallpaper, your desktop background or even a quote on your desk, having positive affirmations or inspirational quotes/images in your eyeline will help keep you motivated. If you’re guilty of hitting snooze, you could even try customizing your alarm message or alarm tone to your hype up song., so you’re in a positive frame of mind from the get go. 

  • Pack your gym bag the night before  

Whether you train first thing in the morning or after work, preparation is the key to success. Get organized the night before by laying out your gym clothes or packing your gym bag, so you can’t use ‘I forgot to bring my tights and don’t have time to go home’ as an excuse. Some people even swear by sleeping in their gym clothes! 

  • Get yourself a Pilates partner 

If you need some extra accountability, get yourself a Pilates partner. Whether it’s a friend or even a familiar face from your regular class, having someone to meet there will keep you consistent – especially if you turn it into a social soiree by tacking on a post workout coffee.