Staying Motivated After Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Motivation is not only important when working toward a goal, but also for staying on track after achieving a goal. We all lack in motivation from time to time, and keeping levels high can be particularly tricky.

Here are some tips for maintaining motivation post-goal achievement:


Variation and an array of different training styles and programmes will keep you focused for longer and allow you to implement a long term fitness routine.

Add to your exercise repertoire by introducing something new every now and then such as HIIT or circuit training, outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking, or by creating new challenges such as running 5 km in 30 minutes.

Adding in an assortment of styles and intensity levels will also keep your mind focused and increase overall fitness.


When you train, your body releases endorphins. Not only does this cause a reduction in your awareness of pain, but the endorphins also trigger positive thoughts and feelings.

Endorphins transmit electrical signals within the nervous system and bind to the same neuron receptors as some pain medicines. Yet, unlike painkillers, the activation of these receptors is 100% natural.

As well as diminishing feelings of pain, endorphins lead to feelings often described as euphoric, which helps to decrease negative thoughts and stress levels.


A brilliant way to stay interested in exercise is to partake in group exercise classes, where you will find yourself surrounded by other like-minded individuals who have similar desires and goals as yourself.

Everyone has their off days, but luckily we can find inspiration in the effort and commitment of others. You’ll be surprised at how much your attitude can lift when surrounding yourself with positive, determined people.


Research from Brunel University School of Sport and Education shows that listening to music whilst exercising can increase your endurance by up to 15 per cent. Spend some time creating playlists containing your favourite pump-up songs and have them on hand each time you get your sweat on.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that health isn’t a ‘sometimes thing’.

Think of exercise as a lifestyle choice and as a luxury and a privilege. You’ll no longer view it as a chore and your fitness habits will simply become a way of life.

This article was originally published on www.independent.co.uk.