Amplify Challenge

Studio Pilates Transformed My Mental and Physical Health

At Studio Pilates, our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we love hearing stories about how our workouts have changed your life. That is afterall the Studio Pilates mantra… to change the way the world works out. Whether it’s as small as consistently managing to carve out some time for self-care with 3 classes a week or as big as overcoming illness or injury, every single story inspires us to keep doing what we do. One example is Meagan Wiedmeir, a Porter’s Neck client who started training in September 2021 off the back of serious injury and personal tragedy,. In less than a year, she has completely transformed both her physical and mental health and credits this shift to her commitment and consistency whilst training at Studio Pilates Porters Neck. 



Tell us a little bit about yourself Meagan? 

I’m a 42-year-old wife and mother of 3 incredible kids who has battled with weight most of my adult life, starting in college. When COVID shut the world down, I decided I needed an hour each day to myself so I could keep the kids going and keep me sane and I did really well, lost some weight and was building great muscle tone by summer. In September 2020 I was walking down my back steps and slipped, dislocating my knee cap and tearing my patellar tendon. I underwent surgery and months of PT, for rehab having to relearn how to bend and walk correctly. It took almost a year before I started to feel like I could go back to life again and I had gained weight. 

Then tragedy really struck. The night before Mother’s Day, my oldest son was in a horrific car accident that took his life. He was 17 and just weeks away from his high school graduation. There is no devastation like losing a child, yet as I started to go through therapy and trying to make sense of this new journey we were on I realized how awful I felt, both inside and out.  I went to my doctor and he sent me away with medication to help me heal. 


How did you find out about Studio Pilates? 

Someone in my neighborhood posted on Facebook that a new Pilates Studio was opening up close to home. My PT had suggested it as a form of exercise my knee would tolerate, so I thought I’d drive down and check it out. My world changed at my orientation class on September 17th 2021.  I went in a bit shy, knowing that I’ve tried tons of classes and gym memberships that always boiled down to the same end result- me staying home. I could finish the class without hurting my knee and felt like I was really using my muscles.  So, I started going back to the morning classes. 


What kept you coming back? 

I started talking to the gals behind the desk and some in class. I found a community that didn’t necessarily know my tragic story, they just knew I kept showing up and working hard. They wanted to support me and made me feel so welcome, like I was always meant to be there.

The workouts helped set my mood for the day, and the energy boost I would get just kept me coming back. Classes were always changing, so never boring or routine. The friends I have in class help motivate me to come back and to work hard and most importantly they make it fun! I found that I was more able and equipped to battle the hard days emotionally if I had been to the studio that morning.  If I was in a funk, I would find a way to carve out time for a class. It became a priority and my family was super supportive of my new-found habit. 


What changes have you seen since committing to consistent classes at Studio Pilates? 

I started challenging myself during the Amplify Challenge to see what my body was able to do – you know a 40 something mother of 3 with 40+ pounds to lose –  but my goal was never about weight loss. My mantra whenever things got hard is that I want to be strong, not thin. Strong both mentally and strong physically. Studio Pilates is that for me. I have more to balance with my work schedule now, but I still schedule a class at least every other day. To date I have lost 46 pounds and somewhere around 28-30 inches, but that is just a fringe benefit. It’s how I feel!  It’s part of my therapy and these people are helping me heal in body, mind and spirit.  

When I walked into that studio in September I had no idea I would be here just a few short months later. I never expected results like this, but it has truly helped me in unimaginable ways.