A Sunday Reset Routine

As the pace of modern life continues to run at a sprint, it’s important to preserve the few moments of true downtime that we have left, such as “lazy” Sundays.

Allow yourself time on Sunday to recover from the week that was, and relax into the week ahead, with some of your favourite self-care activities.

Not sure where to start? Try following some (or all) of the tips below:

1. Allow yourself a small sleep in

Sleep is an important pillar of our health and a lack of quality sleep impacts other aspects of our wellbeing. One way to ensure you get enough quality sleep is by waking up at around the same time every day. While it’s tempting to lie in for hours on end come the weekend, it will only make your weekday mornings harder. Try to keep it under one hour past your usual wakeup time.

2. Cook your favourite meal

It’s all well and good to spend hours in the kitchen prepping meals for the week ahead. But Sunday deserves something special. Treat yourself by cooking (or ordering) your favourite meal, fresh.

3. Do a chore

This one may sound contradictory, but hear us out. Most of us love the feeling of accomplishment, so why not set a small, achievable goal and smash it out. It could be as simple as going grocery shopping or washing your sheets. Whatever it is, try and get it done early so that you can ride a wave of achievement all day long.

4. Put your phone down

Make a mindful decision to put down your phone. Try for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon or evening. Remember, there aren’t many opportunities throughout the rest of the week to go completely offline, so make the most of it when you can.

5. Pamper yourself

This one really comes down to personal preference, as everyone’s idea of self-care is different. Do what makes you feel most relaxed – a long walk, watching a movie, baking, reading. Whatever floats your boat!

Whatever your Sunday routine may be, remember that there’s no shame in spending time on yourself doing things that make you feel happy and rejuvenated.