Perfect Your Technique

The Benefits of Pilates, the Studio Pilates Way


You may have seen Bones when you’ve been into the studio, but perhaps haven’t had the pleasure of making his acquaintance.

Bones is our go-to guy for any kind of ‘body language’.



He represents the fact that Studio Pilates strengthens the whole body, targeting each muscle group with dynamic strength training. No body part is neglected. Using our body not only strengthens it, but builds our appreciation for all the cool stuff it can do.

When we create new workouts for you, we sequence them specifically to target and tone different areas of your body. We layer and time the exercises in a precise way so you completely fatigue particular muscle groups, working the body from the inside out. In very simple terms, we work the smaller stabilising muscles before the larger ones.

You also work on all planes of movement – sitting, lying and standing. This means that the muscles are worked from many different directions, producing a uniform and very deep strength and tone, even without using heavy weights.


What does this mean for your body?

Studio Pilates radically sculpts, tones and reshapes your entire body in a very unique way. You’ll respond by becoming stronger, losing fat and changing shape – ultimately giving you amazing results: long, lean muscles and flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved posture, dramatically flattened abs, a firmed and lifted butt, toned inner thighs, and trim and lean looking arms.  And that’s just the beginning!

Pilates also builds endurance, boosting both mental and physical stamina, improving your body awareness, coordination and balance and the way you sit, stand, move and hold yourself. If you combine your Pilates workouts – which revs up your metabolism – with healthy eating, your body will respond by increasing muscle tone and burning fat. Combined with cardio activity, Pilates becomes a stellar weight loss tool.

Gotta love that!


But it’s not just your body that will get into great shape with Studio Pilates

The workouts you do to support your body have some sensational spin-off effects.  Pilates releases endorphins, helping you feel positive and energised.  It also helps improve concentration, stress management and relaxation, because Pilates forces you to focus on the present moment and the movement you are performing, to the exclusion of your everyday preoccupations and stresses.

That’s a lot of great reasons to stick with your Pilates routine!

You’ve started something incredible – now keep going and let Pilates unlock your true potential!