Amplify Challenge

The Importance Of Self-Care

Wellness is looking after yourself. And that is different for all of us. For me, self care is my non-negotiable. With such a busy lifestyle, running both SWIISH and a household of four, practising self care gives my body and mind time to rest, reset, and rejuvenate. 


My 9 Favourite Ways To Get Hooked On Self-Care


1. Morning Mindfulness
I like to set the tone for the day & start off with a morning ritual. A simple 10 minute meditation is my go to. This helps improve my mental health, creates mental space and increases my productivity


Headspace is my favourite app for guided meditation. It’s user friendly and great for beginners too!


2. Restore & Roll
My sacred self care beauty tool is the rose quartz roller! It helps promote circulation for glowy, healthy looking skin, releases tension in my facial muscles and cools the skin to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags – what’s not to love?!


3. Stop & Smell the coffee
A huge part of self care for me is joy. Simple joys, but done daily. I’m a massive coffee lover and have 2 to 3 cups a day. The ritual, the smell, the time out – all of it puts a smile on my face every single day.



4. Get Social
Get moving and go on an exercise date with your bestie! For me this is a great way to stay motivated. I love my morning walks catching up with friends, it’s good for the soul.


5. Take A Break
This is a big one for me. It can seem hard to do when we have some much on our plate but research shows that taking a quick break from our desk, even if it’s only for 15 minutes, can increase productivity, help sustain concentration and maintain energy levels. I love popping out for a quick walk in the sunshine at least twice a day!


6. Get Appy
So much of our lives are online these days and we carry our devices everywhere so one thing I love to do is to use self-care apps. My three favourites include ‘Calm’ which is a mindfulness app that provides meditations, music and sleep stories plus a sleep timer, ‘Moment’ which helps you get off your phone and be more present and ‘Shine’ which sends daily motivational texts.


7. Roll It Out
One way that I love to help my body physically relax is to roll it out. I try to use a foam roller a couple times a week to help improve movement, increase my range of motion and increase blood flow. It’s like a massage, only cheaper!


8. Nightly Ritual  

I like to bookend my days and in my eyes, an evening ritual is just as important as a morning one. It helps me go to bed with a clear mind and free up mental space for creative thinking. 

My evening ritual is all about pampering and nourishing the body, skin and mind. I love to run a bath, add the ‘Stress No More’ bath salt soak set (a mix of essential oils and bath salts) and use my “Beauty Reset Pack’ to throw on a ‘Glow Getter Sheet Mask’ – the perfect way to help me pamper, unwind and de-stress!



9. Wind Down
To finish off my evening ritual, I add 2 scoops of our SLEEP Superfood Powder to warm milk which helps to calm an overactive mind, assisting in a restful sleep to help me wake feeling rejuvenated.