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Top 10 Fitness Accessories to Complement Your Studio Pilates Workout

Take your Studio Pilates workout to the next level with these to top fitness accessories:

Grip socks

During class you want to keep focused on correct posture, feeling the burn and smashing out each exercise right to the end … rather than trying to keep yourself from slipping over or sliding around. So those grip socks Studio Pilates encourages you to wear during your sessions are not only for hygiene, but to help you perform your Pilates exercises as best you can. You can grab yours from your studio.

High performance on trend activewear

Nothing gets us excited about working out like the excuse to wear the hottest activewear … except maybe brunch after! Choose moisture-wicking fabrics in comfortable cuts to flatter your body so you can work out feeling great and not worrying about any outfit mishaps. Check out our latest capsule collection for some athleisure inspiration to rock in the studio.

Bellabeat Health Tracker

When high-tech wellness monitoring meets beautiful jewellery design, you’ll want to be showing off this baby. The Bellabeat is specifically designed for women wanting to keep tabs on their physical activity, sleep, stress levels, meditation and reproductive health. It’s all connected to an app on your smartphone, with no screens to distract you.

Water bottle

It’s important to make sure you keep your fluids up when exercising, especially in the summer, to avoid the effects of dehydration such as muscle cramps, dizziness and exhaustion. Staying hydrated helps flush out toxins, such as lactic acid, to aid recovery. It’ll also help keep your skin glowing and is essential for your organs to function optimally.

Need help getting your necessary water intake? Try a smart water bottle which connects to your Bellabeat to track your hydration levels, and provide reminders to drink up.

Pilates Circle

We’re considerate enough to keep this one in the studio for you to add into your exercises: The Magic Circle. Ring of Fire. Whatever nickname you’ve given this bad boy, it’s ready and waiting to take your Pilates workout to a whole new level. Add the circle between the knees or ankles to take your abdominal and inner thigh toning up a notch. During prone arm exercises, you can also push out against the circle around your ankles, to support your lower back and add that extra booty burn! Your Studio Pilates instructor can give you plenty of other tips and tricks for incorporating the ring into your next workout. You’re welcome!

Foam roller

The foam roller and humble tennis ball are amazing self-massaging tools to increase blood flow to the muscles and help them relax. Loosening up your muscles with the foam roller helps recovery as well as preventing injuries. It also improves mobility and flexibility by alleviating tension and promoting suppleness. Yes, foam rolling can at times be uncomfortable, but take that as a sign you need it. Don’t rush, and remember to breathe through it.


When you’re working your muscles to fatigue you need to actively support their recovery. Enter magnesium, the natural way to reduce DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) aka the struggle walking down the stairs one day after a serious quad workout. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in disposing of lactic acid, fighting inflammation, replenishing energy stores in the muscles and boosting performance!

For oral consumption, magnesium powders are most efficient but we also recommend finding an oil to spray directly onto sore muscles before bed.

Image Credit (from top) – P.E Nation, Bellabeat

About the Author – Hannah Evans is a Studio Pilates instructor in Melbourne, Australia.