Top 3 Tanning Products to Define Your Physique

A tan is the ultimate go-to for that extra confidence boost and a healthy glow. Define your body our top 3 tanning products and tips to give enhance your physique.


For a bronzed skin tone, without the sun damage, we love using self-tanner. It works its bronzing magic to help even skin tone and enhance your natural physique. One of our favourite tried and tested deep tanners is the cult fave, Bondi Sands Ultra Dark. For a more subtle looking colour, we also love the deeply nourishing Josie Maran Cosmetics liquid tanning oil enriched with argan oil.

Fitness lovers rejoice! MineTan has released its Workout Ready tan specifically for those who love breaking a sweat but hate how it can strip their tan. The mousse uses active ingredients, guarana and caffeine, to help promote the appearance of firm, toned skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Perfect for that tropical holiday or beach day in swimwear. Plus, you can still work up a sweat in your Pilates class without making your tan patchy.

Contour brush

That’s right, the game-changing tanning product to really define your muscles and showcase your physique has been in your makeup bag all along. Say hello to your new favourite way to use your contouring brush. Our favourite is the Real Techniques contour brush that’s super easy to use on both body and face. With soft, natural bristles and a fluffy, yet defined, shape it’s perfect to apply extra self-tanner to define specific areas of your body. This  will give you extra definition and a body contour that won’t wash off.



How to: After applying tan to your entire body, pump extra product on to your glove and dip the end of the brush bristles in. Apply directly to the skin in sweeping motions to contour and give the illusion of depth. We suggest contouring down the centre and sides of the stomach to make your obliques and abdominals pop, around the cleavage or pec muscles and above and below the collarbones. You can also use contour to add definition to the leg muscles and created a more rounded appearance for the buttocks. Once you’re confident with your technique, use excess tan to lightly contour the face, just as you would with bronzer. It’s important to blend out the contour and remember, you can always add more product but it’s much harder to take away!

Bronzing shimmer oil

For a seriously sexy shimmer, without looking like a disco ball, opt for a nourishing body oil with illuminating particles. We love the Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil to add depth to your tan and make your skin radiant. It’s formulated with natural ingredients to nourish your skin and blur imperfections while adding a subtle glow.

Dot the oil along the high points of your body and face, just like you would with a highlight powder or cream, and blend out. Generously apply to the collarbones, inside the cleavage, on the abdominals, down the arms and centre of the legs to enhance your contouring even more. The light-reflecting shimmer is instantly flattering and brings attention to all your most-loved features.

Glow get ‘em

Combine all three of these products and voila, you have a real-life Instagram filter, with a seriously sculpted bod via your best tan ever! You’ll look and feel amazing, like you’ve just hopped off the plane from a tropical holiday!

About the Author – Hannah Evans is a Studio Pilates Instructor, based in Melbourne.