Trending Superfoods Right Now

What superfoods are trending right now?

The latest superfoods can trend as quickly as fashion these days; it seems there’s always a new ‘must try’ wellness supplement everyone’s talking about. Stay ahead of the trend and find out the hottest new superfoods to try before everyone else finds out about them and how they can help your health.


Having been given the green light in the Australian market last year, hemp-based products have seen exponential growth down under. Whilst hemp is derived from the same plant as marijuana, it’s not going to get you high. However, it will serve up a host of health benefits, so it’s sure to be a staple in your pantry and skin care routine very soon.

Rich in omega 3 and 6 fats, fibre and magnesium, to support the immune system, aid digestion, aid in muscle repair and boost energy levels. Hemp is also recognised for helping develop healthy hair, skin and nails, and dealing with specific issues such as reducing acne and healing eczema. This green superfood is certainly one to watch!

Mushroom coffee

Yes, you read that right! One of the latest trends right now is your morning brew complete with mushrooms. Not just any ‘shrooms are used – these are  medicinal mushrooms packed full of antioxidants. Their nutty, earthy flavour promise to supercharge your coffee with vitamins B and D, while also taking the caffeine level down a notch. While your local barista might not be serving mushroom coffees up any time soon, you can grab powdered mixes to make yourself at home to get your fix.


This antioxidant-rich, bright golden powder is no stranger to the spotlight. It’s become increasingly popular in the last couple of years thanks to its many health benefits and the interest is only set to grow. Turmeric helps reduce inflammation and is great for promoting sleep. It also supports healthy gut function, metabolism and digestion, as well as helping your skin get that healthy glow. While we do love a tumeric latte, it’s this versatile spice can be included in a host of meals and snacks.Try mixing it into your morning porridge, sprinkled over homemade sweet potato fries, as a marinade for meat or tofu, or as a medicinal addition to your bliss balls.

Blue-green algae

Fish oil, krill oil we’ve heard about them all … but the latest hype from the sea is blue-green algae. You might have seen it in the form of a ‘smurf latte’ – a bright blue alternative to coffee with coconut milk and agave to add sweetness. It’s also popping up in acai bowls in health cafes for an extra health boost (as well as looking pretty). This plant-like bacteria has a number of varieties, including Spirulina, which dates back to the Aztec diets. Blue-green algae has more than 60 vitamins and minerals, and is a rich source of chlorophyll and other nutrients, including iodine.  Amongst a whole string of benefits this superfood is recognised for is improved cognition, increased physical energy, anti-inflammatory properties and enhanced immune and nervous functioning, They have fantastic probiotic benefits for the gut and digestive health and also deliver a big hit of protein.

Nut oils

We all love coconut oil, which has become a tried and tested favourite for so many health enthusiasts. But now, all sorts of nut oils are becoming more mainstream and readily available. Full of healthy fats, nut oils are amazing for your heart health, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and boosting energy levels. With a lower trans fat level than vegetable oils, they also add extra health benefits. Perfect for adding a deliciously nutty taste to food, they also make a great alternative to highly processed oils or dairy products.



Image Credit (from top) – Matcha Mylkbar, Golden Grind

About the Author – Hannah Evans is a Studio Pilates Instructor.