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Ultimate Pilates Girl Afternoon

You may have recently heard or seen a lot about ‘Pilates Girls’ – a trend that’s dominating our Instagram and Tik Tok feeds. Influencers all over the world are preaching about the benefits of Pilates and proudly posting their healthy lifestyles on social media including pre-Pilates fit checks and post workout matcha lattes. 


A typical day for a Pilates Girl would start with an early alarm – usually before 7am – followed by a 3-step-skincare-routine and a few minutes of gratitude journaling. After sitting down to a bit of work, she’d head to her reformer Pilates class, grab a post workout matcha latte and head out on a hot girl walk. 


In essence, being a Pilates Girl means you’re putting yourself first by prioritizing your health and wellness, which is exactly the kind of trend we support. So much so, that we decided to host the ultimate Pilates girl afternoon, so we could show others how good it feels. 


We were delighted to welcome 11 health and fitness influencers to our Hawthorne Studio to experience the Ultimate Pilates Girl Afternoon. The afternoon kicked off with a Studio Pilates class filled with all of our favorite exercises including oblique curls, scooter and standing side splits (the glutes got a really good burn – sorry ladies). 


After the class it was time for some well deserved post workout nourishment including matcha lattes courtesy of our friends at Matcha Maiden, wellness shots thanks to Shine Drink, fresh fruit and of course what would a Friday afternoon be without some almond croissants? 


While ‘Pilates Girls’ might be trending online, it’s definitely something we can all take inspiration from, particularly if you’ve never tried Pilates before! 


Contact your closest studio to purchase an intro pack and experience the Pilates Girls feeling for yourself.