What to Expect from the Studio Pilates Philosophy


We’re so excited that you have started working out at Studio Pilates. We understand that may have been quite a big deal for you, but you’ve made a great decision!

Want to know why?

Being part of the Studio Pilates community could very well change your life, whether in some small and meaningful way, or in a massive transformational way.  That’s because we do things differently from anything else you may have tried.



It all comes down to our long held beliefs and firmly held passions, a few of which go a little something like this:


Exercise should be inspiring, not intimidating

That’s why our studios are vibrant and a full sensory experience. It’s why at Studio Pilates, you’ll enjoy high energy, pulsating music. It’s why you’ll always be greeted by a smiling face. It’s why our instructors are dedicated to providing you with a unique, memorable and personal experience, always encouraging and motivating you to discover your limits. While you’re in the studio, you’ll feel like you are having masses of fun, and when you’re finished, you’ll feel uplifted and empowered and ready to take on the world.


Exercise should be intense and effective, not lengthy and dull

We believe that exercise should strengthen the body from the inside out, making you leaner, stronger and ready to tackle anything that life throws at you.  We believe that you should feel every muscle in your body working when you do a Pilates class. Yes, you should feel the burn! The intense, high energy full body workout is the reason Studio Pilates delivers incredible results.  Fast.


Exercise should always be safe for your body

The care and safety of our clients is infused in everything that we do. You’ll be guided by world class instructors who have studied under the supervision of our team of physiotherapists.  You’ll work out to carefully sequenced programs based on the most up-to-date scientific principles.  And you’ll enjoy individual attention that feels more like a personal training session than a class.


If you’re going to workout, make it special

That’s why our luxurious, state-of-the-art studios are designed to make you feel special every time you walk in.  And that’s why you won’t find any mirrors, mobile phones or clocks in any Studio Pilates studios, only beautiful surrounds in exclusive neighbourhood enclaves, and a space where you can truly escape and treat yourself to forty minutes of pure “me time”.


Exercise should be part of something bigger

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a duty, but an enjoyable part of your healthy lifestyle. It’s why we’ll deliver lots of advice and inspiration, not just on fitness and training, but on recovery, fuelling your body with nourishing food, mindset, and lifestyle.  It’s all about helping you to get more out of your training, keeping you moving forward and fast-tracking your results.  We’ll challenge you to think differently, to try new things and to change the way you view your health and wellbeing.  We aim to plant the seeds for personal growth and change so that you can discover your very best self.


Let’s do this together!