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What to Wear to Pilates


There’s no denying the fact that your activewear can be the make or break to a good workout, particularly when it comes to Pilates. Between the stretching, constant changing of positions and reformer springs and accessories, the last thing you want to worry about is constantly adjusting your clothes – ain’t nobody got time for that. 

If you’re new to Pilates or you’re simply on the market for a new kit (any excuse will do, right?) you’ve come to the right place! Our friends over at LSKD – who are also one of our Amplify challenge partners – have you totally sorted. Our Amplify challengers even get a discount! 


Check out the below guide on what to wear to Pilates… 





While sweatpants are the superior choice when it comes to comfort, unfortunately they’re not very practical for Pilates. Tights of any length (bike shorts, ¾, ? or full length), which are form fitting and breathable are ideal as they not only allow for a greater range of movement, but also lets your instructor see your alignment and technique – essential if you want the most benefit out of your session. LSKD have a diverse range of fabrics and styles that cater to all preferences. 

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Sports bras & tanks 

A fitted tank or longline sports bra is best to pair with tights, again so your instructor can ensure your body is in correct alignment. If you’re bigger busted, a higher neckline may make you feel more comfortable, particularly in exercises like standing knee stretch, where lower cut necklines may expose you. Low impact sports bras are suitable for Pilates as there is no cardio involved. 

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Lined shorts 

Due to the nature of Pilates and the range of movement each class requires, tights are ideal, however we understand that they’re not for everyone. Lined shorts are the second best option, which have compression lined inners, which you’ll thank us for during scissors and circles. 

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Light tees and tanks 

While it’s not a cardio class, you definitely can work up a sweat if you push yourself in Pilates. For this reason, opt for form fitting tees or tanks that are lightweight and breathable so you stay as cool as you can. 

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