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Your Guide To Healthy Summer Skin

Healthy glowing skin is always in, and if there’s one thing we advocate you fake – it’s your tan! Did you know that UV exposure contributes to 80% of skin ageing, not to mention significantly increases your chance of melanoma. Just 5 bad sunburns by the age of 25 increases your risk of melanoma by a whopping 25%! 

So don’t risk a tan, fake it with Charlie Societé, an Australian made company who use high quality ingredients that also nourish and hydrate the skin, including avocado oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E & sugar cane. What’s more – it doesn’t smell like fake tan, won’t stain your clothes or bed sheets and they’re one of our official Amplify Challenge Partners (which means our challengers get a discount). 


  • Prep the skin

As with make-up application, we know the first step to a flawless finish is prepping the skin and the same applies to fake tan. Getting rid of any residual product build up and dead skin cells is the first step in any flawless and natural looking fake tan application. Charlie Societé makes this easy with a pre-tan exfoliating product, Scrubbed. Lightly scented with bergamot and grapefruit, Scrubbed is designed to moisturise and gently exfoliate, by removing dirt and dead skin cells to achieve smooth, fresh glowing skin.


  • Remove any hair 

For an even looking and long-lasting application, it’s recommended to do any hair removal including waxing, shaving and any hair removal creams 24-48 hours prior. This applies to all areas including legs, underarms and bikini lines. 


  • Apply to clean skin 

Once the body is prepped and you’re ready for your tan application, remember the best base is a clean body that’s free from things like moisturisers, deodorants and perfumes. Tanned by Charlie Societé is enriched with a whole host of hydrating and moisturising ingredients including vitamin e and avocado oil, which work to both hydrate the skin and prolong the life of the tan. Remember to take particular care around your knees, elbows and hands. 


  • Leave to develop 

The worst part about the tanning process is the smell and residue some products can leave on your clothes and skin, but Charlie Societé was developed with both of those things in mind. The lightweight formula won’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy and was developed with some high quality ingredients in facial products. For a long lasting wear, leave for at least 8 hours before showering.


For more information on Charlie Societé or to shop their range of high quality products, visit (remember as an Official Amplify Challenge Partner, all challengers get 25% off all orders).