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Your Ideal Body Starts in the Kitchen

All your hard earned work at Studio Pilates, out on the open road, at the gym or in the pool could be sabotaged by what happens in your kitchen.



10 tips to make you a kitchen whizz.

  1. Clear out those cupboards and the fridge from all the food that is likely to summon you at a weak moment. No, that chocolate cannot stay there, just in case of emergencies.  Once all temptations have been removed, your self control won’t need to put up a daily fight.
  2. Make your new go-to treats as tempting as possible. Cut up bite-sized pieces of fruit or vegetables, all the colours of the rainbow, and store them ready-to-eat in your fridge at eye level.  Or put a few fruit bites on skewers and drizzle some yoghurt or coconut yoghurt over the top for a snack with pizazz.
  3. Tuck into an entree before your main.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Only, we’re suggesting a big bowl of leafy green salad – dressed with some low calorie accompaniments, such as tomatoes or peppers.  That will help fill you up before the Main dish arrives, with little deficit on your calorie count.
  4. Use smaller plates and utensils to eat from, so your mind  is tricked into being satisfied with a “full plate”. A smaller plate of healthy food will equal less calories.
  5. When you’re just starting to get the hang of food portioning, get in the habit of using measuring cups and spoons to keep yourself honest and start building a visual measurement system.
  6. Plate up all your food.  If you eat straight out of the box, or serving bowl, you are unaware how many calories you’re consuming.   
  7. Sit, and eat mindfully at all times, so you’re aware of what is going in your mouth.  Most of us would be shocked at how much “incidental” eating we do.
  8. Prepare snacks for days when you’re on the run.  Keep your kitchen stocked with treats such as unsalted nuts, home made protein balls, yoghurt and fruit.
  9. Freeze some fruit and veggies, so that even when you don’t get a chance to get to the shops, you’re not tempted to go for a quick fix.  You can add frozen goodies to your  smoothies, yoghurt, stir fries, soups, and omelettes.
  10. Double up on your quantities when making dishes such as soups or pastas or wraps, so you have lunch or dinner sorted for the next day too.  Just make sure you separate the quantities and put the extra portion/s away before you sit down to the meal, so tomorrow’s meal doesn’t become your second helping tonight.