Already a Qualified Pilates Instructor?

If you are an already qualified Pilates instructor with a certification from a recognised provider, you are eligible to bridge across to the Studio Pilates method.

The benefit of bridging is that you can then go on to complete our more advanced training courses such as Reformer, Pilates for Pregnancy, Wunda Chair, Foam Roller Pilates and Pilates for Back Pain.

There are a number of reasons why we require all previously trained instructors to bridge –

  1. All Pilates courses cover different content. Many cover different exercises, vary the breathing and movement patterns, some cover injuries and pregnancy while others do not. Our courses may teach you different exercises that you haven’t seen before which are prerequisites for ongoing courses should you wish to complete further training with us.
  2. In Studio Pilates courses, you are taught a very specific way to instruct Pilates. We have created our very own Studio Pilates Cueing Formula to help you instruct each exercise clearly and concisely. This Cueing Formula is assumed knowledge when completing our more advanced courses
  3. Our courses are based on the most up to date science, which has changed considerably in the past few years, so this may be different from when you completed your original certification.

For more information on bridging to the Studio Pilates method, please call 0488014618.