Rehab Course

At Studio Pilates International, we offer all allied health professionals and Rehabilitation specialists the opportunity to enhance your skills by adding Pilates to your treatment repertoire. This course has been designed by Physiotherapists as an aid to help improve therapy outcomes in both outpatient and inpatient settings. You will learn in a practical way that gets you plenty of practice performing the exercises and experience teaching clients so that you can apply what you’ve learned straight away.

In this four day course, you will learn the basic theories and principles of Pilates, along with a series of exercises on both the mat and reformer. Modifications for different strength and injury levels are given to cater for those with movement restrictions. This course will enable you to take patients through a program for rehabilitative and fitness purposes, covering issues such as programming for specific injuries, systemic pathologies and pregnancy. The curriculum includes pre course study through our Online Training Centre, as well as the practical four day course.


  • 20 hours online pre-course study then
  • 4 day practical course


  • Ability to teach Pilates classes in a range of different settings – from individual clients to large classes for both rehabilitation exercise and preventative health
  • Gain confidence to instruct over 50 matwork exercises and over 70 reformer exercises
  • Learn how to take a group class safely and give different levels
  • Learn both matwork and reformer at the same time – this means that you can go straight into teaching reformer, which is a valuable rehabilitation tool
  • We don’t simply teach you the Pilates exercises, we actually teach you how to instruct your clients using our famous Studio Pilates International® Cueing Formula
  • Become familiar with the Studio Pilates Cueing Formula to retrain movement biomechanics
  • The 4 day course is incredibly practical and hands on – you get to experience all of the exercises, feel them in your body AND practise teaching another person those exercises
  • Learn how to use your Pilates repertoire to treat a range of different physical pathologies and injuries such as osteoporosis, neck problems, sciatica, muscle strain, instability, SIJ problems and disc problems
  • Learn how to safely and confidently deliver different repertoires to injured clients
  • Learn how to use Pilates to perform a physical assessment on a client
  • Learn how to assess poor movement patterns as well as posture and core stability
  • Learn how to correctly activate your clients’ deep core stabilisers
  • Learn about pregnancy and post-natal issues and the implications for Pilates
  • Learn about pre/post pregnancy Pilates classes and women’s health related issues
  • Enrol with confidence that you are gaining your Pilates certification from the leaders in Pilates instructor training, who own and run the longest running clinical studio in Brisbane
  • Benefit from a course which has been created by Physiotherapists specifically for Allied Health Professionals
  • Gain insight into the history and basic founding principles of Pilates
  • You receive access to Australia’s most comprehensive online training resource which not only contains videos on Pilates principles, postural assessments, health and safety, learning modalities, pregnancy and common injuries, but also workshops every single Pilates exercise which you will cover in your course.


As an Allied Health Professional, you have two options with your Pilates instructor learning. You can either enrol in Rehab Level 1 or choose to enrol in Matwork and Reformer separately. Which option you chose depends on many factors including the demands of your career, the knowledge which you need to obtain after completing your certification, ability to travel to a city which holds the Rehab Level 1 Courses and budget.



As a prerequisite to enrolling in this course, you –

  1. Must be an Allied Health Professional to enrol in this course
  2. Have access to high speed internet (ADSL 2+ or Cable) as well as an up to date web browser to stream online video content



This course has been approved by a number of leading health and fitness bodies. If you are a member of any of the following health or fitness bodies, you are able to claim professional development points upon completion of this course.

– Health Practitioners – earn CPD hours through AHPRA (AUS) to maintain annual registration



As a part of this course, you are assessed in a variety of ways –

  • Online multiple choice pre-course exam
  • Practical assessment at the course
  • Online multiple choice post-course exam



Course Video

Meet Our Course Facilitators





  • Amazing! You will learn so much, gain confidence, get constructive criticism AND support at the same time. Wonderful people and fantastic instructors. I recommend it to ANYONE!! I will continue to complete more courses
    Alle Johnson
  • One of the most comprehensive and enjoyable courses that I have attended.
    Angela Mills
  • As a remedial massage therapist having never instructed a class, I have found the Matwork Course incredibly inspirational, informative, and an asset to my business.
    Anna Hill – Massage Therapist
  • The course was excellent - the instruction was very clear, concise and thorough and the facilities were good. Enjoyable and fun yet learned so much at the same time. I would certainly recommend this course to other PTs as an essential course to do not only to learn to teach Pilates but also about body, injuries and core stability.
    Cheryl Turner – Fitness Trainer
  • This course is amazing. A very intelligent concept that honours Joseph Pilates' foresight and a revolutionary way of exercising.
    Gail Hedley
  • Studio Pilates has changed my life and the life of my Personal Training career.
    Gerri Quirke – Personal Trainer
  • I found this course so informative, practical and functional. I had done a Pilates course previously with another physiotherapy specific Pilates company, and feel like this course was much more comprehensive. It taught more exercises and went into more detail about each exercise. It contained more information about specific injuries and exercise prescription for injuries, and it also taught me how to actually instruct and teach the exercises.
    Jeannie Kim – Physiotherapist
  • Studio Pilates is not just another CEC course, it's a career! The course sets you up for all types of injuries and not only gives you exercises but credibility and knowledge. Love, love, loved this course!
    Jessica Combe
  • The Matwork Course has helped me in my work as a personal trainer and given me instant skills to use with clients 1:1 and in a group situation.
    Julie Anderson – Personal Trainer
  • Studio Pilates really delivered on the Matwork Course, our instructor was exceptional, the process of booking in through to course end and assessment was thorough, professional and exactly what was outlined at the beginning. You will certainly come away feeling empowered and ready to teach.
    Karen Breznikar
  • The Matwork course was everything it was set out to be - a hands on, practical course that had me feeling like a professional instructor from day one. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and people I met throughout the weekend. I was highly recommend this course for anyone who is wanting to either improve their own technique or instruct classes.
    Karen Laing
  • The course facilitators made this course for me: their passion and enthusiasm is remarkable!
    Kelsey Armstrong
  • The course gives you the confidence and skills to step straight out into delivering high quality Pilates classes.
    Kelsie Hewitt – Musculoskeletal Therapist
  • The training from Studio Pilates is superb; this is a thorough, integrated and well-supported course. I feel confident in my ability to lead a class now; the combination of reading, videos and face-to-face practice make for a really well-rounded learning experience. You will love it!
    Kris Tulloch
  • Fantastic company to deal with. They offer great support and learning materials.
    Lauren MacPhail
  • I cant think of anything I would fault with the course - this is the best and most thorough course I have ever done.
    Lee C – Personal Trainer
  • I would highly recommend this Pilates course. As a physio I found this course very informative. It placed high emphasise on the set up, programming, injuries and detailed analyse on technique required to perform the Pilates exercises.
    Lindsay O – Physiotherapist
  • The course was fantastic and the content was well delivered, I have learned a lot from the experience. The course has given me confidence in my ability and knowledge to instruct Pilates classes and I can't wait to get started!
    Lucy Hyde
  • I had already qualified as a Pilates Instructor through another training course and have done quite a few work shops over the years, but felt I needed to do a refresher. I am so glad I found Studio Pilates, the course was so much more professional, just love the on-line training videos. Staff very supportive and helpful. I have learned so much more and am already lined up for more training.
    Mandy Tomlinson
  • The Matwork Course gave me the skills and confidence to be able to walk away from it ready to teach and keen to learn more!
    Mel Lush
  • I thought I knew everything about core stability, only to find out there is so much more to learn! The course has helped me greatly in taking clients who have injuries and also in adding more variety to my sessions I loved it and found it so worth while.
    Mel Thompson – Personal Trainer
  • It is no exaggeration to say this course experience was transformative–both professionally and personally. This course will long remain a high point of my life.
    Nasrin Al-Khani – Personal Trainer
  • As an already qualified Matwork Pilates instructor, I was so impressed and delighted with all of the extra additional information I received on the Studio Pilates Matwork Course. The information and detail by far surpassed what I had already learned and has made me a far better instructor.
    Mickie Du Boulay
  • This was the best course that I have done. It was presented well and it was very engaging. Loved this course.
    Rachelle Tallon
  • One of the best courses I have been on. Our instructor passed on all her knowledge and passions. A positive and encouraging environment.
    Rebekah Baker
  • This is actually the best course I've ever completed.
    Robyn Stevens
  • This course has given me more confidence and variety to teach my chiropractic patients the correct exercises according to their conditions.
    Sabena Najim – Chiropractor
  • Studio Pilates is the FIRST place I would recommend to any of my friends to undertake a Pilates course.
    Susa Wyne-Hoelscher