Slider Course


Join the ranks of top trainers around the world who are using slider equipment to challenge their clients and develop enhanced strength and endurance. The sliders are all about combining functional training with enhanced body resisted exercises to transform your clients’ bodies and help them to achieve even better results.

In the past, the sliders have been used more in the gym setting. But in a world first, Studio Pilates is reinventing the slider through the Pilates repertoire to give you a workout like no other.

This Slider Course is one which all Pilates instructors should complete for the sheer versatility and effectiveness of the sliders. In fact, you don’t even necessarily need to purchase equipment to teach these exercises. You can even use a range of household items such as face washers or tea towels to perform the exercises! So the sliders are the ultimate versatile piece of equipment for your Pilates classes.

Not only does the slider provide an unbeatable all over body workout, it is a fantastic piece of equipment to use with injured clients such as those with back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain and pregnant clients as it gives so much flexibility with the positions that you can put clients in to receive a safe and effective workout. The movement of the slider also aids in activating the deep stabilising muscles of the body and improves balance and coordination.


  • The course is delivered completely online and includes an extensive online training centre featuring a digital manual and comprehensive video workshops.


  • Comprehensive online training centre (77 videos)
  • Digital or hard copy course manual (approximately 443 pages)
  • 82 beginner to intermediate slider exercises
  • 2x 1 hour sample class program videos
  • 6x sample programs (written choreography)


  • Become certified on a small, inexpensive piece of equipment that will revolutionise your classes!
  • The slider adds resistance and is fantastic for increasing stability
  • Fantastic for all types of clients
  • Learn about the different types of sliders available
  • Learn about programming for the slider as well as how to incorporate the slider into your classes
  • Learn a MASSIVE 82 exercises!
  • Benefit from 6x sample class programs which you can instruct or use as inspiration for your own program writing
  • Learn about occupational health and safety with the slider
  • Add variety to your classes with this fun piece of equipment!



As a prerequisite to enrolling in this course, you –

  1. Must be enrolled in or have completed the Studio Pilates Matwork Course
  2. Have access to high speed internet (ADSL 2+ or Cable) as well as an up to date web browser to stream online video content

Pilates Instructors Trained By Another Education Provider

Please note that you are only able to enrol in this course if you are currently enrolled in or have previously completed Studio Pilates’ Matwork Course. You must bridge across to the Studio Pilates method prior to completing any of our ongoing education courses. Click here for more information.


  • 14 CECs through AUSactive (AUS)*
  • Health Practitioners – earn CPD hours through AHPRA (AUS) to maintain annual registration

*You must be a registered Personal Trainer and/or Group Exercise Instructor in order to attain AUSactive CECs, Fitness Pilates Instructors and Pilates Method Teachers are also eligible for CECs. The Matwork Programming and Progressions Course must also be completed to be recognised as a Fitness Pilates Instructor.


As a part of this course, you complete the following assessment

  • Online multiple choice  exam



Studio Pilates Slider Course

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