What Our Students Say

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“I loved it from start to finish” – Siobhan P

“I would recommend this to all I come in contact with” – Ingrid G

“I’ve done other Mat Pilates courses out there and left not feeling confident to teach, but I sure did after my Studio Pilates course. Thank you so much.” – Carla H

“Studio Pilates has the best training, resources, instructors and support. I would not want to train with anyone else. Very professional.” – Belinda A

“I have been to a lot of trainings, this one is definitely one of my most favourite training courses. They do a fantastic job with detailed design and considerations to make sure you are qualified after their training. Great recommendation for everyone.” – Luke G

“This was the best course I have ever been a part of and I feel privileged to have shared the course with such an awesome group. Our instructor was a pleasure to learn from and all the participants were open and happy to share their experiences with each other.” – Tony C

“Absolutely loved the zoom Matwork Course, perfectly paced and engaging the whole time! Feel like I’m walking a way with so much knowledge!! :)” – Jane K

“Studio Pilates offer a training experience like no other. They have online support, wonderful resources and excellent video’s to help you become the best Pilates trainer you can be. I’d thoroughly recommend them.” – Xanthe C

“This was my most memorable course in the fitness industry so far! It was brilliantly arranged with enough support from start to end to ensure an excellent educational outcome! The team were infallible and professional. Thank you!” – Tamara G

“I absolutely love my Studio Pilates experience. My training has made me confident and excited to teach my own classes. It’s by far the best course I’ve been to in many years.” – Shawnee C

“I never thought I would have the confidence to teach to a group, however the Studio Pilates matwork course has everything you need to be both knowledgeable and confident.” – Lynda C

“From start to finish the Studio Pilates educational system is a well polished and professional organisation. The online component never left any confusion as to how to perform or teach an exercises. The manual and study guide were great and the manual especially clear and comprehensive. Admin staff were friendly and proficient. Our instructor was phenomenal. She impassioned me want to pursue more about the Pilates method. Overall, the experience was a great one.” – Mary L

“It is no exaggeration to say this course experience was transformative–both professionally and personally. The course and the Studio Pilates cueing formula will long remain a high point of my life. Thanks again…. I am feeling energized and eager to start teaching my class next week. I can’t wait to use all of my new teaching tools. I will absolutely recommend this course to other. Looking forward to my next course with Studio Pilates.” – Nasrin A

“I give a 10/10 to all of my Studio Pilates instructor training over the past few years. My clients often say how much they love my style of teaching (when compared to other studios) in particular the upbeat and practical nature of a Studio Pilates style session. I learnt more about anatomy and the theory on how the body works and moves in my Studio Pilates courses than I did in an entire PT course and it’s all down to the way the course content is designed and delivered. The blended learning of part online before your course and then face to face followed by a pre-course exam ensures we all thoroughly understand what we are going put into the world to teach. The workbooks, example classes and online portal are so helpful. Thank you Studio Pilates, me and my small Pilates business can’t thank you enough.” – Claire T

I thoroughly enjoyed the course once I found time to complete it! I have been teaching mat Pilates for over 8 years. I wanted to do the Reformer course but I was told I needed to do the Matwork course first (even though I was already qualified as a mat Pilates instructor) because I needed to learn the Studio Pilates cueing method. I bought both the Matwork and the Reformer courses at the same time. Now that I have completed the course I understand why learning the SP cueing method is so important. My trainer was amazing and I learned so much from her and I am really looking forward to doing my reformer course with Wendy in October. I highly recommend this course.” – Amanda U

“Highly recommend Studio Pilates! Their course provides an in-depth understanding of Pilates, which many don’t. The Instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are there to support you through your journey. I have loved every minute of studying with Studio Pilates and feel confident to go out and share my passion for Pilates with others. Excited to continue my studies with Studio Pilates to advance my knowledge and understanding of this incredible way of movement!” – Olivia H

“I have been a student myself through 2 degrees and PhD and many targeted courses required for my professional development in my OHS consultancy and audit practice and I have never enjoyed courses as much as I have the last few months. Brilliant trainers and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you to Studio Pilates – high standards and outstanding support from all.” – Mindy T

“As a practicing Accredited Exercise Physiologist, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. From the first point of contact with enquiries about this course , the format , and the face to face instruction. One of the most interesting and enjoyable courses I have completed in a long time. I am loving incorporating these exercises into my patients treatment plans!” – Kristy O

“Excellent and informative course, will greatly enhance your Pilates knowledge.” – Sabina D

“I did my first course with Studio Pilates back in 2016 – 5 years, and 3 courses later, I still want to come back for more! The knowledge you obtain throughout the courses is absolute gold. The courses push you to truly know the information required to instruct safely and confidently. The course instructors are so supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend!” –  Maree S

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with the structure, content and amazingly extensive amount of information in the Anatomy and Matwork courses. The “going the extra mile” info on what to expect during the course, what you need to know and do beforehand and the support given to help students enjoy and succeed in the courses is second to none. Thank you :)” – Brooke A

“As a more mature age student, this course certainly proves to cater for all ages and stages and has given more knowledge that I expected. I am confident I chose one of the more premium Pilates training companies.” – Cate S

“Studio Pilates courses have been beyond what I expected. I have gained knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to keep being the best instructor I can be.” – Gemma A

“I have wanted to become a Pilates teacher for years. I am so glad I chose Studio Pilates to complete my Mat work certification. The course content was thorough, and engaging.” – Kate S

“Fantastic course” – Kylie B

“This is a very organised, efficient and professional course. I really enjoyed the course and feel confident to teach after completion of the course!”-  Yueqi F

“Couldn’t recommend Studio Pilates enough! From the first person I spoke to on the phone to the last day of the practical course, everyone was so lovely and knowledgeable! The theory is very comprehensive and the practical course gives you plenty of time to practise and learn all of the exercises. Every day went really fast and did not drag on at all! The course facilitator was super knowledgeable and intentional with her delivery, she was engaging and very approachable throughout the course!” – Michaela M

“I would highly recommend Studio Pilates to anyone and everyone! I’m absolutely thrilled after completing my Anatomy & Mat courses via their amazing online platforms. The instructor manuals are fantastic and full of endless knowledge and even templates to use for class programming. I have not stopped smiling since I become qualified and that speaks very loudly about how amazing Studio Pilates is!” – Ashlee K

“As a hands-on learner I was feeling quite anxious prior to attending the practical component, and really quite overwhelmed during those few days – I really didn’t have faith that it would all come together by the final day, but it did! I learnt so much throughout the course, and feel much more confident with my knowledge. It all just fell into place!” – Nikki G

“I am truly loving studying with Studio Pilates. I’m just starting out on my journey to become an instructor and I am so pleased I picked Studio to get my training. I am definitely continuing onto more study.” – Rachael F

“Studio Pilates is superior when it comes to Pilates training. The facilitators are not only extremely knowledgeable but engaging, motivating, friendly & inspiring!” – Shirley G

“I just completed mat work fully online via Zoom and couldn’t recommend Studio Pilates highly enough! Excellent customer service, and outstanding delivery of the program! I feel confident to start instructing with the knowledge I’ve learnt from this course and facilitators. Thank you.” – Laiz W

“Loved Studio Pilates. The way that understanding of muscle function and location was brought into the teaching of how Pilates works was the standout for me. Most of all how to teach to use the right muscles in the right way was amazing. Which you think would be just normal but sadly most Pilates classes do not provide exercises with such detail. Great course. Great support. Would recommend!!!” – Laura

“I feel like I have a deeper understanding of how the body works with Studio Pilates Matwork course than when I completed my Cert IV. The online videos are just so clear and easy to understand.” – Fatima A

“I highly recommend Studio Pilates” – Tanya B

“Amazing course. The course was a wealth of information with great opportunities for practical learning. Thank you Studio Pilates!” – Michelle C

“I wanted to do a Pilates instructor course to improve my skills, learn to do all the exercises properly. I finished the course feeling like I could really improve the fitness of family and friends and hopefully teaching it to everyone who wanted to learn. Thank you Studio Pilates!” – Amy M

“Amazing content and instructor, exceeded my expectation. Thank you!” – Dilys W

“I can’t talk higher of the Studio Pilates Matwork course! Not only did I learn huge amounts from the course, but I felt so at ease and so supported for the whole 4 days. I loved learning how to be a rockstar instructor and I truly feel so excited for doing more courses with Studio Pilates (I’m just about to enrol in more now!)” – Corinne B

“Studio Pilates was a perfect base to work from to start my Pilates training. I’m very excited to become qualified and they have been so thorough throughout this time, especially during Covid.” – Sophie F

“I would 100 % recommend Studio Pilates course’s for anyone thinking about it. I am not a fitness professional (and definitely don’t look like one) and began these courses with just wanting to gain more knowledge for myself. I was a little concerned for this reason attending the courses, but I can say I had no insecurities whatsoever during this course. Who knows I may even teach now with the confidence I have. Don’t hesitate, just do it!!!” – Carleen H

“My experience with completing my mat Pilates course via zoom was a lot better than I initially thought. It was just as good as a face to face course but in the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend. Thank you SP” – Olivia W

“I have just completed the practical component of the Matwork course fully online via Zoom. I was very impressed by the rigour and quality of the course and surprised at how easy and natural it felt to work with other participants via Zoom. Our instructor was warm, engaging, supportive, and knowledgeable. Working in breakout rooms in Zoom with other participants (usually in pairs) quickly felt as normal as being physically in the same room! The trainer would join each breakout session, always providing constructive feedback. Overall, a fantastic course!” – Fiona S

“Absolutely brilliant! I’m so excited to start my journey as an instructor after completion of my course via Zoom. The course was presented in a way that was easy to understand and very engaging.” – Erin P

“Studio Pilates offers an extremely supportive, convenient, extensive and professional range of courses. I feel I have been well equipped to instruct a matwork class and keep both myself and clients safe and challenged.” – Kolene C

“Loved being able to complete the Matwork course online and via Zoom. Although I’ve had prior Matwork instructor training I thoroughly enjoyed refreshing my skills and staying up to date with current practice.” – Danielle C

“Thoroughly enjoyed my Zoom experience with Studio Pilates” – Isabelle S

“I found the anatomy course really interesting and insightful.” – Lindsey W

“The course was brilliant! Manuals and online learning were both set out so well, it was incredibly easy to work through step by step. There was always someone to help with any questions I had and the support team are so quick with replying – all in all it was great experience!” – Lauren A

“Fantastic Anatomy content explained in practical ways and applied to all our Pilates instructor training.” – Rachael F

“Studio Pilates creates a very beautiful and encouraging space. Everyone is so kind and the way you are taught covers everyone, Whether you’re a visual learner or not Studio Pilates has all the different resources for all learning abilities! Enjoyed their course and can’t wait to put it into practice” – Eliza B

“What a great course and experience with very knowledgeable trainer, thoroughly enjoy it!” – Indy M

“I just completed my Matwork Pilates course with Studio Pilates. They are very professional – -from the course content and manuals, the administrative staff, to the fantastic trainers. Even though I’ve just completed the course I feel confident in being able to take a class (after some planning of course). I will definitely be doing more of their courses and would highly recommend them.” – Linda M

“I was really impressed with how Studio Pilates delivered their course through Zoom. The teacher trainers were highly knowledgeable, patient, clear and precise. Even though we weren’t all in the same space, there was ample opportunity to teach each other and discuss the poses and programming. Highly recommended” – Sarah C

“Studio Pilates were professional from the time I first enquired about their courses to the time I completed my certification. The course content was really well presented and instructions very easy to follow. It was very clear what you needed to do and when, there was no guessing. The support staff were very helpful when I did have any questions. Due to COVID, I ended up completing my course via zoom. I was concerned about how this would go but it was seamless. The instructors were very professional and approachable. Even though I had no experience with Pilates classes before I started the course, I felt confident enough to teach classes as soon as I completed the course. I would highly recommend Studio Pilates for any Pilates training” – Linda M

“I was impressed how thorough and well presented all the training has been.” – Beryl W

“Studio Pilates was a fantastic company to do my reformer training. The instructors were so knowledgeable and provided really clear relevant feedback. I feel really confident to instruct clients now. I cant wait to do my next course with Studio Pilates” – Tara D

“It was fantastic, I enjoyed every bits of it. Highly recommended. Super organised!” – Indy M

“The Studio Pilates team are very professional and always helpful. I have learnt so much since starting my studies and really enjoy the online portal. Once you complete your course you can go back, watch videos & revise your learning. I look forward to my next Course with Studio Pilates 🙂” – Lauren R

“Studio Pilates is an amazing place to get all your international Pilates certifications in one place and they are the most amazing people to deal with.” – David K

“Very good service here, the commitment to the students is great and resources is invaluable.” – Kassy T

“I really enjoyed my online zoom Mat Pilates course. It was really interactive and I was able to gain the confidence and competence I needed to start teaching group classes” – Anica S

“The online Matwork Course was such a wonderful experience! Everyone in the course were so encouraging and passionate about everything Pilates. I have learnt so much and come out feeling so confident in conducting classes and excited to follow my dream of becoming a Pilates instructor.” – Danielle M

“After doing Studio Pilates Anatomy and Matwork Courses, I was so happy with the care and help I was given to successfully complete the courses, I went on to purchase the Ball, Circle and Band course and also the online Sliders course. The manuals and tutorial videos are choc full of information and further help is only a phone call/email away. The Studio Pilates team give you everything you need to succeed.” – Marilyn N

“I am so pumped having just completed my Matwork course with Studio Pilates. The course content was so detailed I feel I have a very solid understanding of the basics of Pilates. I was a bit average before the course but now I feel totally confident that I can start teaching Pilates and have the career that I have always wanted.” – Kelly W

“I just completed the Ball Circle and Band Course via zoom. It was a great experience, I would definitely recommend this course and structure. l had never used zoom before and l found it to be quite easy once l had a bit of guidance from presenter and other participants. The presenter was so good with us all and did an amazing job with her delivery of the course. I really felt connected with other participants and that we were all working together. From the customer service the whole team are so helpfully and no question or concern you may have is too much trouble for them to spend time with you and help you out with whatever you need. I highly recommend Studio Pilates” – Nettie F

“I enjoyed the Mat Certification course in immensely. The course content was detailed, explained to perfection. Thank you so much for making me feel confident and inspired. I look forward to more Studio Pilates International courses in the future. This was the best course I have been on so far. Thank you again!” – Alexandra C

“Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m so glad I did my course with you and I look forward to doing many more!” – Emma-Jane L

“I loved my experience at Studio Pilates. The course was very well laid out and knew exactly what material needed to be covered before the face-to-face weekend. The videos and instruction were very easy to follow and the study materials arrived very quickly. The staff were always available to answer any questions I had. Will certainly be doing additional courses at Studio Pilates in the future.” – Lisa C

“My experience with Studio Pilates was exceptional. From the initial contact to the final online exam, every step of the way was crafted to benefit and enhance the student experience. I look forward to a career of learning with Studio Pilates and I can barely wait to complete all the courses! Thank you Studio Pilates for confirming that my decision to pursue a new career has been my best decision yet.” – Mary A

“I loved it. The courses were very well structured and paced. Highly recommend.” – Rachel H

“As a manager of a gym, and somebody who has always been involved in high intensity classes and resistance training, I must admit I was a little sceptical as to whether or not Pilates would be for me… but boy was my world turned around after the Matwork & Reformer Pilates courses. Doing these courses has opened so many avenues for me, I cant wait to not only learn and improve in my own journey with Pilates, but also to help and inspire others to do the same with the tools I have been given and the knowledge I have gained. I couldn’t recommend the course and the wonderful people who run it highly enough! Thanks guys! :)” – Jaidyn W

“Upon starting my Studio Pilates course I was nervous I wouldn’t have the skillset to complete and pass with confidence. Once I began the pre-course material and followed the fantastic structure of where to start, my confidence grew and I felt that I could do this. When starting my face to face component, I was welcomed by a lovely instructor. She guided our whole group to becoming strong and confident instructors with her warmth and extensive experience in Pilates. Thank you for taking my Fitness career to the next level.” – Kayla M

“I really enjoyed my course. The pre-course content was really well set out and easy to understand with the combination of textbook and videos. The face to face course was fabulous. Everyone improved so much in just a few days to really sound and perform as real teachers because of structure of the course work, the cueing formula and our trainer” – Jacinta D

“The course was an amazing source of content and confidence building on my SP journey as an instructor! One of the best comprehensive and structured courses.” – Michaela S

“Having participated in many Pilates classes and one on one sessions I absolutely love this way of training. I have been in the fitness industry for many years and was thrilled to find a course near where I live. I have severe scoliosis and I was a little worried that I would find it too hard but the course was fantastic. Very thorough. The online material is very good. I feel ready to teach and hope to inspire many with studio Pilates. Thanks for a great course.” – Michelle M

“The Studio Pilates Matwork Course was excellent, the trainer was first class, the pre course material and videos were put together very well and were easy to access as many times as you like. I’m looking forward to doing other Studio Pilates courses in the future.” – Irene O

“Would recommend Studio Pilates Matwork Course to anyone! The best resources leading up and so much content learnt” – Lauren Z

“The training from Studio Pilates is superb; this is a thorough, integrated and well-supported course. I feel confident in my ability to lead a class now; the combination of reading, videos and face-to-face practice make for a really well-rounded learning experience. You will love it!” – Kris T

“I thought the structure of the pre-course learning was fabulous. A great mix of reading, watching tutorials/exercise and participating. The 3 x Pilates classes were great and I have been continuing to do them. One of the best courses I have ever done. Very easy to follow what to do next and tick off the pre-course learning was just so easy. I felt ready to teach a Pilates course after the pre-course learning, but the practical course helped make me a more professional and confident Pilates Instructor. Would highly recommend this course.” – Leanne O

“I would highly recommend this Pilates course. As a physio I found this course very informative. It placed high emphasise on the set up, programming, injuries and detailed analyse on technique required to perform the Pilates exercises.” – Lindsay O

“The Matwork Course was fantastic. Information given was detailed and so easy to not only learn but put into practice. The face to face days were so enjoyable and my trainer really took time to help every student. This course is such great value for money and I would strongly recommend anyone looking at Pilates training to take this course.” – Kathryn M

“Informative, well rounded course which takes great care to cater for all different ways of learning for new students. The syllabus has clearly been reviewed carefully to ensure that the content delivered is of utmost high standard of information and professionalism to future clients.” – Judy G

“Very professional, detailed and well run operation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Studio Pilates to anyone interested in gaining further knowledge in this field.” – James S

“I am so glad I decided to do Anatomy and Matwork instructor training with Studio Pilates. The course content was easy to understand and was delivered by a highly trained professional. It has really increased my depth of knowledge. I now feel confident to instruct Matwork classes and look forward to undertaking further instructor training with Studio Pilates.” – Sue W

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Studio Pilates. The online contents were professionally set up and easy to follow. The teaching methodology was very professional. Very happy with my choice of course provider.” – Flavia C

“The course was fantastic and the content was well delivered, I have learnt a lot from the experience. The course has given me confidence in my ability and knowledge to instruct Pilates classes and I can’t wait to get started!” – Lucy H

“Studio Pilates trainers were excellent in combing the theory and practical elements of Pilates in a course which was both educational and challenging.” – Louise C

“Highly recommend to anyone looking to be able to not only learn but also teach Pilates confidently to a group.” – Jordy K

“A wonderful experience with a fantastic group. Not only did I learn about Pilates, I also learned a lot about myself. The trainer was outstanding in instructions and making us all feel comfortable.” – Janelle C

“Learning through Studio Pilates was a fantastic experience and I was very impressed with their teachers and course material. Studying online was easy and clear to understand and I am sure the information and what I was told will stay with me throughout my career.” – Dominique S

“The Studio Pilates Matwork Course absolutely exceeded my expectations! The course content is great and the face-to-face training really puts it all together and makes you feel confident to walk out the door and teach a class. I would highly recommend Studio Pilates :)” – Alyce M

“I am absolutely surprised about how much I learnt. The teaching was great and I feel like I can now teach Pilates with confidence.” – Melanie L

“A very informative, well delivered course that gives you all the tools to start teaching Pilates!” – Sabina S

“I loved the Matwork Course that I did, the office girls couldn’t have been more helpful with my relentless questions, the online study was put together perfectly and I met some amazing friends at the practical workshop. I would definitely recommend Studio Pilates to anyone :)” – Hayley F

“The Matwork Course is essential for any Pilates Teacher given the science-based information and teaching techniques it equips you with. The material and skills obtained are invaluable and can be used in other areas of your teaching life.” – Sofija V

“From the first telephone conversation with Studio Pilates I have to say I could not ask for better service. A wealth of knowledge shared and encouragement given helped me make the right decision to move forward with my Pilates Instructors Certificate. Thank you to the team at Studio Pilates.” – Toni P

“I just completed Pilates mat work course with SP and I really enjoyed it! The course is well structured and easy to follow. It has all supporting tools to make one a great Pilates instructor. The combination of written material, online videos and face to face workshops is well developed to cater for diverse learners. I found online videos and workouts very beneficial in building my confidence to teach Pilates. In addition, the course is great value for money and it is suitable to beginners and experienced instructors. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is keen to embark on Pilates instructor journey.” – Nina B

“Learning Anatomy with Studio Pilates has been really enjoyable – even though it has challenged me! All the resources through the training centre were easy to use and I love that you give different options for different learners. I can’t wait to do my next course.” – Jemima H

“I would highly recommend Studio Pilates to anyone looking to get into the industry, change careers or just to get a deeper understanding about Pilates & how it can help you. The information in the courses is extensive, easy to follow and the practical work just brings it all together. If you’re considering other pathways into the fitness industry and aren’t sure which way to go, I’d recommend Studio Pilates. I wish I’d found it before I started my Personal Training course. The staff are passionate, knowledgeable and helpful from first contact, studying and attending classes. Best decision I’ve made!” – Kerry T

“The Studio Pilates Mat Course is thorough and concise and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in teaching Pilates or for personal health, wellbeing and injury rehabilitation. The pre course training is methodical and easy to follow. The manual set out is excellent and an invaluable ongoing reference tool. The online classes and break down / workshopping of each exercise is a great segway into the face to face training where it is all cemented together. I found the trainer professional, knowledgeable, fun, inspiring and was so in tune with every individual. The pace was perfect and getting to work with each of the other participants was highly beneficial in exploring and expanding on different teaching techniques. Thanks Studio Pilates, I’m so happy I found you and look forward to more training in the future.” – Julia J

“Studio Pilates is great. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to become an Instructor. Great people.” – Jenna M

“I absolutely loved completing my Matwork Course through SP. The course is very comprehensive but also easy to follow and understand. I loved being able to do the online learning I my own time and then attend the face to face part of the course to really gain confidence and hone my skills and knowledge. Next step, Reformer!” – Jodi L

“The Matwork Pilates course was very good. The course was well structured and by the last day I was totally confident I could teach a class. Our instructor was amazing and inspiring. I had a really positive experience through the whole course. Thank you!!!” – Andressa S

“I cannot recommend Studio Pilates highly enough. Everyone I have dealt with has been competent, caring, helpful, encouraging and inspiring, and I can’t wait to do more courses with Studio Pilates. My instructor has changed my life – doing my Anatomy and Matwork course in Melbourne was the best decision I could have made. Keep doing what you are doing, SP!” – Rebecca B

“Studio Pilates was a fantastic company to do my studies through. All staff and educators were helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. As I am not being from the health and fitness industry, the course made it clear what materials were going to be covered, and what knowledge I would have once completed the course. I highly recommend studying your Pilates course through Studio Pilates – they will show you the right way to teach Pilates!” – Katie W

“I am beyond happy that I took my Matwork Course with Studio Pilates. My facilitator shaped me into a confident Pilates instructor and I couldn’t thank them enough for all the support they continued to provided throughout my journey.” – Chantal F

“I found the course very thorough and extremely professional, highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking it.” – Jacqueline V

“I gained so much out of this course and look forward to continuing on in the future with Studio Pilates – worth every cent. I left feeling inspired to keep on learning, building on my knowledge and excited to teach confidently with expert skill and knowledge. Covering all areas, The course online and throughout was structured so well you will enjoy it at a pace for leaning just right. Can’t wait to be back, thank you Studio Pilates!” – Elisha P

“Well done SP team, I have been recommending your course to many people already. Everything is organised SO WELL and your emails reminding me of where I should be up to held me accountable the whole way through.” – Renee M

“I highly recommend to study this course. Even if you are not planning to teach, Is good learning experience and stepping stone for the next level.” – Christine W

“Fantastic course – Great for everyone.” – Tania P

“I love the Studio Pilates method. The instructions are clear with both video and print support prior to the face to face experience. This allows you to feel comfortable with the content and is a great confidence builder. The instructors are amazing, so helpful and encouraging. An overall fabulous experience!” – Judi J

“The Pilates Matwork Course was the culmination of a most interesting Pilates learning journey. It was facilitated by an excellent educator who inspired the participants to be the very best they could be. The weekend was intense, engaging and lot’s of fun. Each participant was supportive and encouraging, friendships were formed and inspiring teachers unfolded. From many fronts this was the best course I have ever undertaken. Thank you Studio Pilates for a fabulous course and the interim support and encouragement.” – Sandra F

“The Studio Pilates Matwork Course was fabulous. The quality of the materials, communication and instructors exceeded my expectations. I wish I had started my Pilates training with Studio Pilates but am glad I’m now on the right track.” – Trish C

“Studio Pilates training was outstanding. So much knowledge and fantastic learning both online and face to face course. I’ll be back !” – Treena M

“Great course, fantastic instructor, loved every minute of it!” – Megan G

“Great course with excellent facilitators! I learned so much and now feel confident to teach. Thank you!” – Effe D

“The Studio Pilates Matwork Course was comprehensive and inspiring. The face-to-face training instilled confidence in me as a prospective Pilates instructor and I feel ready to share the knowledge I have gained through this course.” – Samanda D

“I completed the Mat Course with Studio Pilates and honestly couldn’t fault a thing. The trainer, content of the course, location and facilities was beyond excellent. Studio Pilates is 5 stars for me.” – Sharlene G

“This organisation is the bomb! The training provided by this Pilates school is second to none! You receive access to a multitude of videos that not only explain the Pilates moves but also delves into principles behind each of these exercises in layman’s terms that ordinary people can understand! This further enhances your understanding behind the principles of Pilates, and makes you a more knowledgeable and informed instructor. It is clear that Tanya (the presenter in the video resources) comes from a physiotherapy background, as her knowledge of each Pilates exercise (and the principles behind it) is clearly demonstrated! The detail in her explanations is just outstanding! You have access to the resources for the rest of your life! I have been teaching Pilates for a few years now and I STILL refer back to the video resources!! The Studio Pilates teaching method is just brilliant and also clearly explains the exercises and Pilates principles to the participants. There is even support given if you have more questions specific to the exercises … you simply email Instructor Support and they will explain it all to you!! It seems that everyone in head office is an instructor so they can explain it to you in layman’s terms!” – Arthur S

“Fantastic experience. Very thorough, yet not overwhelming. The training provided the opportunity for me to grow as an instructor and solidify technique, whilst promoting individuality and specificity. This course did an outstanding job with online delivery and pre course preparation.” – Amy L

“By far, one of the best online courses I’ve ever done! Easy to use platform, with handy textbook to refer back to. Can’t wait to sign up for my next one.” – Lisa M

“I have loved studying with Studio Pilates! I have completed 4 courses to date and have 2 on the go currently and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed studying this much. I now work for 2 different studios teaching Pilates in South Australia as well as my own online classes too. Studio Pilates training has given me the confidence to work in the industry and every course I do gives me so much more. The educators are so passionate and helpful along the way too making the whole learning experience a positive one. Thank you Studio Pilates!” – Jayde O

”Training in matwork Pilates through Studio Pilates has been life changing for me. The skills and knowledge I learnt have helped me to share my love of Pilates with the community. The courses are very detailed and informative, the teachers are knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Upon course completion I felt confident that I could share the benefits of Pilates with others. I have since gone on to complete further training with Studio Pilates to enhance my skills. I highly recommend Studio Pilates.” – Samantha B

“Studio Pilates Instructor Training is amazing! The focus on anatomy and corrections really makes you a more knowledgeable instructor and helps you to plan with individual client needs and injuries in mind and make modifications as needed I have absolutely loved all of the instructor training courses that I have completed through Studio Pilates. Not only are they fun but there is a huge amount of variety depending on what specialties you would like to add to your repertoire.” – Shell C

“When I decided to enrol into a Pilates course, I noticed that there are so many Pilates training centres and I took a lot of time researching the main schools and finally decided on Studio Pilates. I enrolled into the Anatomy and the Mat Pilates courses and I was so impressed by the course content that I later proceeded to complete the Reformer course. I am so glad that I ended up choosing Studio Pilates, I have learnt so much from them and I am currently happily working at various studios around Brisbane teaching both Mat and Reformer Pilates. I am now planning on completing the Reformer Progressions course and can’t wait to start learning more from this brilliant training academy.” – Sabina D

“I have recently completed my Matwork and Matwork Progressions courses with Studio Pilates and am currently studying towards small equipment, back pain, reformer and reformer Progressions. The whole process with Studio Pilates from booking to course completion has been very straightforward, professional and user friendly and the customer care team are fantastic. Due to Covid and work commitments I have been able to complete the practical components via Zoom which has been super convenient and brilliantly run, i don’t feel like I missed out on anything by not attending in person. Sammy and Jane were great, knowledgeable instructors. I’m looking forward to my next course in two weeks.” – Joanne L

“Incredibly in-depth and educational. As someone who felt like they knew quite a lot about movement, this course taught me more than I’d ever expected and has changed not only my own progress & experience with exercise but my clients as well. Information I’ll utilise for the rest of my life – absolutely priceless.” – Elisha C

“I am so glad I found Studio Pilates & decided to do my training through them. I have done six courses so far & I have loved every single one & have come away feeling ready to teach. It is the only Pilates courses I would recommend to someone wanting to teach Pilates!!” – Tenneil H

“Comprehensive and immersive instructor courses. I still refer back to my SP training manuals when I need fresh ideas for classes. Invaluable for anyone wanting to start a career as a Pilates instructor!” – Ava L

“I have completed different well known Pilates training before and can’t recommend Studio Pilates international enough! By far the best training I’ve done. You get to practice to teach each exercise, the whole team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.” – Natella Z

“Best thing I did was start my Pilates courses through Studio Pilates. It has changed my path in career for the best. And with so many course options available, I know I’m set for some time to continue learning and growing. As a personal trainer the courses have worked hand in hand with my existing job. But also allowed me to take a new path with purely Pilates Instruction too. Thank you to the team, that have always been so helpful when I’ve needed it.” – Cara W

“I have wanted to do a course like this for a while now but am super busy. The coordinator at Studio Pilates was super helpful and took lots of time to talk me through options for start dates and flexible options online and in person for my prac. They seem to offer lots of support to students which is great after not studying over 15 years. The best thing about it is that I can just do the modules that I want individually at my pace and Im not committed to a 6 months or year course that leaves you high and dry for 6months if you can’t keep up with a module. I can do the parts I want to get working asap!” – Casey F

“I had been looking at a few programs with different companies before I came across studio pilates, but I never really felt like I was finding a course with enough support. When I first reached out to studio Pilates instructing course, I was amazed with the amount of support and communication and welcoming I received before even starting. There has been loads of communication and support though-out my journey – highly recommend :)” – Ella G

“I absolutely love studying with Studio Pilates! So far I have complete Mat work, Reformer, Slider and currently completing my Prenatal Pilates course. The pre course online format is really easy to follow, they respond to queries really quickly and the best part is the practical component of the course, I did mine in Sydney and the reformer was through Virgin Active and their studios and reformers are beautiful! The teachers are amazing, years of teaching and business knowledge to share, it’s really hands on and inclusive. I met so many inspiring, like minded girls at these courses and made some friends for life. I’ve gone on to work in multiple studios and run my own online and face to face Pilates business called Frisk Pilates, feel free to get in touch via my website or instagram and say hi and I’m more than happy to share more course info. There is not enough stars for these guys, 10/10 LOVE LOVE LOVE Studio Pilates!!!” – Angelique A

“The course I did was by far the most informative I have done to date. After completing the Mat work course I had the tools and confidence to start instructing straight away. I would definitely recommend Studio Pilates.” – Georgia F

“I really love they way studio pilates work with instructors and how they support them even after their training. I specifically enjoy how you can break the training up into manageable sections and train in what you need. The education staff are sensational I cannot speak highly enough of their instructor training programs” – Chloe W

“I’ve just started my Pilates instructor journey with Studio Pilates and so far they have been amazing! Holly personally talked me through the courses, my options and exactly what I needed to do to become an internationally qualified instructor. So far I’m really enjoying the ZOOM based materials, very well thought out and super clear. Excited to be a fully fledged and well rounded Pilates instructor soon! 100% recommend!” – Fern C

“I am an Exercise Physiologist and am extremely happy with Studio Pilates courses. I have completed several courses and now putting my co-worker through as well. The course content is fantastic. The new manuals are beautiful and worth the extra cost. All instructors are very knowledgeable and I am about to do the Reformer Progression next week. Looking forward to it.” – Belinda A

“I was concerned about doing all of my study on line as I haven’t had a lot to do with computers and haven’t done any study for about 25 years. I shouldn’t have worried as there was always someone there to help and answer any questions or concerns that I had throughout. I now can’t wait to further my knowledge and add to my skills. I would highly recommend Studio Pilates.” – Tammy N

“I trained with SP in 2017, completing the Anatomy, Mat & Reformer Pilates Training. I then opened up my own studio and have worldwide success after launching my online platform as well. One key component I was taught is the body scan and I have to commend SP for the amount of education in different body types, injuries, pre/post natal. Everytime I get asked who I recommend for Teacher Training; it always has been and always will be Studio Pilates.” – Tamsin M

“I loved training with Studio Pilates. From the content and delivery of the online course to the compassion and patience of Elaine who facilitated the face to face bit and helped with my massive social anxiety, I really couldn’t recommend Studio Pilates enough. Even Tanya calling me personally when I had some questions, she’s so knowledgeable. I love the manuals which I still refer back to now. If you want to become a Pilates instructor, Studio Pilates is the best for sure. Thank you” – Hayley F

“I completed my mat Pilates instructor training with Studio Pilates and could not be happier. One year later, I have taught almost 600 classes and feel confident in the skills and knowledge I picked up from my initial training. This training truly set me up for success, and I look forward to returning soon to continue building my skillset :)” – Abbie T

“Completing my Reformer course with Studio Pilates has not only improved my own personal Pilates practice but has given me the extra tools to take hold of my future career in Pilates. I left the course knowing I can instruct comfortably and confidently. Instructor Trainer Jane was exceptional and over the five days gave much insight into her career and experience which was invaluable. A fun five days that flew by!” – Temara Bassett

“The Studio Pilates Matwork course was amazing, beat all expectations. My instructor, Wendy Powell, will be a friend for life, she’s hilarious, knowledgeable and thorough. Everyone felt like family at the end of our 4 days together and we really rooted for each other. Well done SP, you’ve really made me feel like the world is my oyster. So excited to put everything I learned into practice and help others build strong glutes, arms and core. Few days post course and I’m still feeling the classes every time I sit. So thankful for this course and Wendy!” – Stephanie V

“I did a heap of research in choosing a Pilates Course Provider. I know I made the right choice with SP. The online portal is full of material which prepared me for the face to face component. Davina (course facilitator) is a gem and made the face to face learning really enjoyable whilst delivering such an amazing amount of knowledge in a fun and structured way. The explanations to the why, whos and when’s blew me away. There was no cutting corners in this course. It is the whole package. I cannot wait to return and further develops my skills. Thank you SP.” – Kerri B