Pilates Training

For Fitness Professionals

Congratulations on taking the first step towards enhancing your fitness career with Pilates! Adding Pilates to your fitness business has so many benefits ranging from allowing you to increase your income, to obtaining a greater understanding of muscle activation and injury rehabilitation!


Enhancing Your Fitness Business With Pilates

  • Earn 15 CECs through Fitness Australia
  • Set yourself apart from other Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers! Pilates allows you to differentiate your fitness business from the crowd and add 88 new exercises to your classes, bootcamps and/or PT sessions.
  • Attract different types of clients including pre and post-natal women, injury rehabilitation, sporting teams/athletes, elderly members.
  • Increase your career longevity within the fitness industry. Instructing Pilates is easier on the body compared to most other group fitness classes or running around with your PT clients.
  • Gain a much deeper understanding of the body, posture and core stability and learn how to modify programs to cater to clients who are pregnant or have injuries.
  • Improve the way in which you instruct exercises! Our unique Studio Pilates International Cueing Formula transfers perfectly across any type of exercises and helps to streamline your instructing and communicate with your members more effectively!

How Pilates Can Help Your Clients

  • Pilates teaches clients correct abdominal bracing which is essential for spinal health (this is even more important if the client is involved in high volume, high intensity weight lifting)
  • Learn how to get your clients to activate their Transversus Abdominus in all forms of exercise (the most important muscle for spinal health and making the waist appear smaller)
  • Pilates can be used as a form of corrective exercise to strengthen the weak points of a particular exercise. For example, if a client tends to tip forward or round their back during a squatting movement, Pilates can help target the lumbar spine extensors and hamstrings in an isolated and safe manner that will allow those muscles to increase in strength
  • Pilates helps teach clients how to use the correct mechanics and movement patterns when performing exercise, which helps to prevent injury
  • Fantastic form of strength training to aid weight loss, toning and flexibility

What You Can Do With Your Certification

  • Instruct Pilates group fitness classes
  • Incorporate the exercises into your PT or bootcamp sessions
  • Work in gyms, from home, parks or Pilates studios

Why Studio Pilates?

  • Practical and hands on course work
  • Physiotherapy based learning
  • Comprehensive course content
  • Learn HOW to be a great instructor
  • Interactive Online Training Centres
  • Internationally accredited courses
  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Modular courses
  • No logging of practical instructing hours
  • Online career opportunities and support
  • Stress free examination

Career Pathways

If you are a fitness professional who holds a Certificate III or IV in Fitness, then you are able to go straight into the Studio Pilates Matwork Course as you will already have the prerequisite anatomy knowledge.

After completing and passing the Matwork Course, you are a fully qualified Pilates instructor. You are then able to start instructing the exercises, or alternatively, you can go on to complete further Pilates training such as the equipment based courses.



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