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To Kickstart Your New Career

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a Pilates instructor! Whether you are wanting to change careers and enter the fitness industry, instruct Pilates part time, or just increase your personal knowledge of Pilates, Studio Pilates courses will empower you on your new journey! It’s an exciting time for you and we can’t wait to help you to achieve your career goals, so if you do have any questions about becoming an instructor, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0488 014 618.

Why Become An Instructor?

  • Life as an instructor is incredibly rewarding – you are helping to change people’s lives on a daily basis, live pain free and achieve their fitness goals!
  • Love Pilates yourself? Becoming an instructor gives you greater understanding of what you are doing in class and allows you to perfect your technique!
  • No more sitting at a desk all day! As a Pilates instructor your day is incredibly active, moving around a room to help your clients
  • Work at a job where you get to keep fit!
  • Pilates instructing offers flexible work hours with options to work part time or full time
  • Options to work for yourself and set your own work hours
  • Flexible locations and where you can work
  • There is a steady demand for Pilates instructors – we have businesses coming to us every week looking for instructors

What You Can Do With Your Certification

  • Instruct Pilates classes in a Pilates studio
  • Instruct Pilates in a gym (note: to work in a major gym chain like Fernwood, you must also hold a Cert III or IV in Fitness, however you do not need the Cert III or IV in Fitness to work in smaller independent gyms)
  • Instruct Pilates from your home
  • Instruct Pilates in a park or town hall

Why Studio Pilates?

  • Practical and hands on course work
  • Physiotherapy based learning
  • Comprehensive course content
  • Learn HOW to be a great instructor
  • Interactive Online Training Centres
  • Internationally accredited courses
  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Modular courses
  • No logging of practical instructing hours
  • Onling career opportunities and support
  • Stress free examination

Career Pathways

There are two courses which you will complete to become a Pilates instructor –

Anatomy Course

The Anatomy Course provides you with the prerequisite knowledge to move into your Matwork Certification. In the Anatomy Course, you learn all about the bones, joints and muscles of the body which is so important for your understanding of exercise biomechanics, injury rehabilitation and to obtain insurance as an instructor after you graduate. This course must be completed prior to the Matwork Course if you do not currently hold a Certificate III or IV in Fitness or a Bachelors Degree in an Allied Health field.

Matwork Course

The Matwork Course is Studio Pilates’ foundation course which certifies you as a Pilates instructor. In this course, you learn over 70 beginner to intermediate Matwork exercises as well as learning about posture, core stability, Pilates for pregnancy, spinal problems, muscle imbalances and muscle recruitment and activation.

After completing and passing the Matwork Course, you are a fully certified Matwork instructor. You are then able to start instructing or alternatively, you can enrol in further courses to specialise on the Pilates equipment and take your skills to the next level.

For more information on the courses please click here.


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