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FREE 20 Minute Ab Workout Video

This 20 minute ab workout uses slider equipment. If you already have traditional slider equipment at home, you can use these for the workout. If you don’t have slider equipment, you can definitely still blast your abdominals with this workout! You will just need to grab one of our DIY slider alternatives below.

If performing this workout on tiles or hard wood floor you can use one of the following options for DIY sliders –

  • 2x face washers or hand towels
  • 2x microfibre cloths
  • 2x paper towels
  • 2x chux cloths

If performing this workout on carpet you can use the following options for DIY sliders –

  • 2x plastic plates
  • 2x kids plastic plates
  • 2x frisbies

Got your sliders ready? Let’s get started with the workout! This 20 minute workout is fantastic for toning and flattening all of the abdominal muscles and drawing in the sides of the waist.



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