Instructor Spotlight

A Day in the Life of a Pilates Instructor | Meet Jen

As a full time mum, I instruct a few days a week at a Studio Pilates boutique studio. I love that instructing Pilates can fit around my family and allow me to work without taking too much time away from my kids! Some days I just teach a few classes at lunch time, while other days I teach a longer morning shift. Either way, it means that I’m still able to pick the kids up from school and take them to their afternoon activities.

Instructing is a great job for balancing family life because you don’t have to do more work when you get home. When you’re at work, you’re focused on instructing, but I don’t need to take work home with me. So when I’m at home, I can just enjoy my kids and family time!


At 5.00am, I’m at the studio and welcoming clients into the class. I instruct 6 Pilates classes back to back and each class is 40 minutes in duration. I instruct 3 classes, then have a 15 min break, instruct another 2 then have a 30 min break, then instruct 1 final class! On average I have about 10-18 clients per class and the classes are Reformer based.

I have a wide range of clients in the classes. I find that a lot of the business professionals come early in the morning and many of my older, retired clients later in the morning. It’s always something different in each class which keeps things interesting!


By 10.15am, I finish instructing for the day and tidy up the studio.


By 10.40am, I’ve left the studio and start to do errands like grocery shopping. I’ll also catch up with friends for coffee and perform odd jobs around the house like laundry, cleaning and gardening. I’ll also often go back to the studio to attend the lunchtime class myself, so I can get my own workout in while the kids are still at school!