Instructor Spotlight

A Day in the Life of a Pilates Instructor | Meet Nettie

Over the course of a week, all of my days are different! I instruct Pilates in a gym and a studio, plus I have also worked at a hospital for 11 years as a tea lady. Now my work colleagues from all different departments at the hospital attend my Pilates classes!

Studio Pilates courses have inspired me and given me the confidence to share my passion with others. With 3 kids (2 at home), instructing allows me to work around my family life. I usually do about 9 classes a week at the gym and 13 classes a week at my studio – which still gives me time to go out for lunch and walks with friends and get home in time to watch an evening movie with my daughter!


I arrive at the local YMCA around 10am. I usually set the room up with salt lamps and the equipment that I need. I love using the salt lamps because it creates a real vibe to my classes.


My first class starts at 10.30am and I instruct a number of classes back to back. My YMCA classes are Matwork based and incorporate a lot of small balls and Magic circles.


After my YMCA classes, I often go for a walk and have lunch with friends


I travel to the Pilates studio – Nettique Pilates to teach my afternoon classes. After I arrive, I do a bit of foam roller work myself to release tight muscles and try to do some “Hundreds” to get a bit of an ab workout in before starting to instruct.


At the studio I teach 3 more classes. I used to only teach one class in the afternoon, but I was having 6 people on the waiting list, so have recently added more classes!

My classes at the studio are a combination of express toning classes and longer flow classes. The studio classes are Matwork based and include a range of small equipment like the Sliders. I’ve also started teaching men’s stretching classes after having some demand for these, so this is an exciting new addition to my timetable!


After the classes finish, I clean the studio and head home, get dinner ready and get ready for the rest of the week!