Course Spotlight

Become Extraordinary with Reformer Progressions

If you’ve previously completed the Studio Pilates Reformer Course and stopped there, you may not be aware that a whole additional Reformer Progressions Course awaits you.

With Reformer Progressions, you can learn new ways to challenge your clients, add heaps of variety to your classes, enhance your existing reformer knowledge and take your classes to the next level! 

So why not sink your teeth into the complete repertoire and round off your reformer training? 

In fact, 2019 is the perfect time to complete the Studio Pilates Reformer Progressions Course. This course has just been fully revamped and now features a comprehensive online training centre and brand new manual (over 400 pages!). 

So if you’re wanting to become an extraordinary reformer instructor, take a look at Reformer Progressions today!



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