Become an Instructor

Become a Qualified Pilates Instructor Fully Online (Via Zoom)

With Studio Pilates International, you can now become a fully qualified Pilates instructor online! This means even more flexibility to choose how you study!

When training to become an instructor, you now have two options to become qualified , including –

  1. Fully online learning OR
  2. Combination learning

Fully Online Learning

Let’s first look at the option to train fully online. If you have already completed the Studio Pilates Anatomy Course or hold equivalent studies in Human Anatomy and Physiology (such as a Certificate IV in Fitness), your next stop is the Studio Pilates Matwork Course. This course fully qualifies you as a Matwork Pilates instructor in Australia and overseas, teaching you all the fundamentals about instructing Pilates.

Completing this course involves –

  • 40 hours of online study before
  • Attending an online practical course via Zoom (usually held over 4 or 6 days)

When you complete the practical course fully online via Zoom, the course is delivered in the exact same way as the face to face version. There is absolutely no difference in the content that is covered. Your course alternates between engaging workshops presented by the course facilitator, and you practising your instructing in Breakout Rooms. With every exercise you cover on the course, you will break off into pairs in private Zoom Breakout Rooms so you can practise instructing your partner through the exercise and they can practise instructing you. While practising instructing in Breakout Rooms, your course facilitator comes in and out of your private room to give you tailored feedback on your instructing. So it is the exact same experience as completing the practical course in person, just conducted online!

To complete the course fully online, there are a few things that you need, including –

  • Having a relatively new computer (you are not able to use a phone or tablet as the screen is not large enough)
  • Access to a light, quiet and private space for the duration of the course
  • Ideally have hard copies of the course manuals
  • Meet some minimum internet speed requirements

We require some minimum internet speed requirements because if your internet isn’t fast enough, your connection may drop out or  be blurry, which affects not only your learning, but also affects the learning of other students in the course who are trying to see your body and instruct you through an exercise.

Because of this, and in an effort to be fair to everyone, you must have internet with a minimum speed of –

  • 15 megabits per second (mbps) in downloads AND
  • 5 megabits per second (mbps) in uploads

To test your internet speed – 

  • Open the internet on the computer that you would use to complete the Zoom training
  • Go to
  • Select “Go” to test your internet’s upload and download speeds

It’s really important that you do this test on the computer that you would be using to access the course, not on your mobile phone.

If you are considering learning fully online via Zoom, you may be interested to read some recent testimonials from other students who have completed the Studio Pilates Matwork Course fully online –


The course was constantly interesting (both Anatomy and Matwork), and I never felt myself getting bored under their teachings and directions. Having spent most of the day staring at the computer screen, I was worried that I would lose motivation, but it was truly the opposite. I woke up every day so excited to learn and grow, with what was an amazing bunch of girls who learnt alongside me. Thank you so much for allowing and transferring this course to continue online. It has really lit a fire inside me to continue my studies, and get stuck into teaching!
“Completing the practical component via Zoom was also surprisingly really interactive. I was concerned this may have been a challenge being online, however the way SP has crafted the practical online allows for a heap of interaction with the other students. I didn’t feel this was compromised at all.” – Lindsey W

“Completing the course via Zoom was just as good as a face to face course but in the comfort of your own home” – Olivia W

“I was very impressed by the rigour and quality of the course and surprised at how easy and natural it felt to work with other participants via Zoom. Working in breakout rooms in Zoom with other participants (usually in pairs) quickly felt as normal as being physically in the same room!” – Fiona S

“Absolutely brilliant!” – Erin P

“Loved being able to complete the course online and via Zoom” – Danielle C

“Thoroughly enjoyed my Zoom experience with Studio Pilates” – Isabelle S

“Due to COVID, I ended up completing my course via zoom. I was concerned about how this would go but it was seamless.  I felt confident enough to teach classes as soon as I completed the course” – Linda M

“Absolutely loved the zoom course” – Jane K

Combination Learning

Completing the Matwork Course via combination learning involves –

  • 40 hours of online study before
  • Attending a 4 day face to face course (in person)

Do I Learn Less If I Become Qualified Online? 

Absolutely not! Both options teach the exact some content in the exact same way. You do not learn more or less by completing the course fully online or via our combination learning.

Which Option is Best for Me?

Both options involve 40 hours of online study which you complete prior to attending a practical course.

The only difference between the two options is the format of the practical course. You can either complete that practical fully online via Zoom OR by attending a face to face course in person.

So which option is best for you? Well, it really comes down to how you want to learn! There’s no right or wrong! However there are some factors which may make one option more suitable to your situation –

If you live rurally and it is difficult to travel to a capital city: fully online may be the better option for you (assuming you have a solid internet connection).

If you don’t meet the internet speed requirements: combination learning with the face to face practical course would be best for you!

If you are immuno compromised in the current COVID-19 environment: fully online learning may be the best option for you (assuming you have a solid internet connection).