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Clinical Pilates Instructor Training

At Studio Pilates International, we are often asked if we teach “clinical Pilates” in our instructor training courses. Clinical Pilates is a popular buzzword which refers to a type of Pilates which is based on clinical research. While the term doesn’t have one set definition, it is also often linked with Pilates instructors who work in a “clinic” or “studio,” and Pilates instructors whose main client demographic is anyone with injuries.

Studio Pilates International instructor courses definitely teach a clinical Pilates approach. We like to say that we teach the traditional Pilates method and exercises, but we very much approach this through modern science. Because let’s face it – what we know about the human body has changed a lot since Joseph Pilates created his method in the 1920s.

At Studio Pilates International, all of our course have actually been created by physiotherapists and are based on the latest scientific research in relation to core muscle activation. In particular all of our courses have been influenced by research from the University of Queensland on abdominal activation.