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Differences Between Zoom and Face to Face Courses

At Studio Pilates International, most of our courses combine online learning which you complete from home before you attend a practical course date. For some of our courses, you complete that practical course date in person in a city closest to you. For other courses, you can choose whether you would like to complete that practical course in person or online via Zoom.

At this point, you may be wondering which option is best for you –

  1. Completing the practical course in person OR
  2. Completing the practical course fully online via Zoom

Essentially, there is absolutely no difference completing the course fully online via Zoom or face to face. It just comes down to whether you want to complete the practical course from the comfort of home or whether you would prefer to get out and participate in person. But the course covers the exact same content and is run in the exact same way.

With Both Options, You Still Complete Your Required Pre-Course Study Online Before the Practical Course

Regardless of whether you complete the practical course dates in person or via Zoom, you still complete the required pre-course study online before you come along to the practical course.

What To Expect on the Practical Course

Then on the practical course, you spend a vast majority of the course practicing your instructing with a partner, and them practicing their instructing on you.

When you complete the practical course in person, you practice this instructing face to face, your course facilitator will be walking around the room giving you feedback on your instructing

When you complete the practical course via Zoom, you and your partner practice your instructing in breakout rooms, with the course facilitator popping in and out to give you tailored feedback on your instructing.

Additional Requirements to Complete the Practical Course Via Zoom

If you would like to complete the practical course via Zoom, you just need to meet some requirements. Please click here to view the Zoom course requirements before enrolling. 

Testimonials from the Zoom Training

“Thank you Studio Pilates for completely exceeding my expectations for an online course. I found the course extremely well put together. The online modules were easy to follow, with a plethora of resources available to access. Completing the practical component via Zoom was also surprisingly really interactive. I was concerned this may have been a challenge being online, however the way SP has crafted the practical online allows for a heap of interaction with the other students. I didn’t feel this was compromised at all. Thank you for putting together a brilliant course. I really enjoyed taking it with you and I hope to complete another course in the future!” – Lindsey W

“Studio Pilates delivered the matwork course via Zoom. Hats off to the team! It was just like being in the classroom. I thoroughly enjoy my studies with SP and will look to further my qualifications in the near future.” – Renee P

“I have just completed the practical component of the Matwork course fully online via Zoom. I was very impressed by the rigour and quality of the course and surprised at how easy and natural it felt to work with other participants via Zoom. Our instructor was warm, engaging, supportive, and knowledgeable. Working in breakout rooms in Zoom with other participants (usually in pairs) quickly felt as normal as being physically in the same room! The trainer would join each breakout session, always providing constructive feedback. Overall, a fantastic course!” – Fiona S

“The online matwork course was such a wonderful experience! Everyone in the course were so encouraging and passionate about everything Pilates. I have learnt so much and come out feeling so confident in conducting classes and excited to follow my dream of becoming a Pilates instructor.” – Danielle M

Testimonials from the Face to Face Learning

“I loved it from start to finish” – Siobhan P

“I give a 10/10 to all of my Studio Pilates instructor training over the past few years. My clients often say how much they love my style of teaching (when compared to other studios) in particular the upbeat and practical nature of a Studio Pilates style session. I learnt more about anatomy and the theory on how the body works and moves in my Studio Pilates courses than I did in an entire PT course and it’s all down to the way the course content is designed and delivered. The blended learning of part online before your course and then face to face followed by a pre-course exam ensures we all thoroughly understand what we are going put into the world to teach. The workbooks, example classes and online portal are so helpful. Thank you Studio Pilates, me and my small Pilates business can’t thank you enough.” – Claire T

“As a practicing Accredited Exercise Physiologist, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. From the first point of contact with enquiries about this course , the format , and the face to face instruction. One of the most interesting and enjoyable courses I have completed in a long time. I am loving incorporating these exercises into my patients treatment plans!” – Kristy O

“I absolutely love my Studio Pilates experience. My training has made me confident and excited to teach my own classes. It’s by far the best course I’ve been to in many years.” – Shawnee C


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