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Should I Get Hard Copy or Digital Manuals?

When you enrol in a Studio Pilates course, you can choose whether you would like a hard copy or a digital copy of the manual. When choosing between these two options, there is no right or wrong, it more comes down to how you learn best!

The Digital Manual

The digital manual comes in a PDF format and you access this directly through your course online training centre. You will be reading through the course manual as a part of your online study and you will also be referencing this manual on the practical component of your course. As such, you need to bring the manual into the practical course in some form; either by –

  1. Bringing a laptop into the course (an iPad is not recommended as the screen is too small) OR
  2. You can print the manual yourself and bring that copy into the course

Ultimately, a digital manual is a good option if you enjoy reading on a computer screen while studying.

The Hard Copy Manual

When you choose a hard copy manual, we post a a physical manual out to you in the mail. This means that after enrolling, you can still start your study straight away and begin your learning with the digital copy while you wait for the hard copy to arrive in the mail.

A hard copy manual is a good option if you are a bit old school (like us!) and think you would benefit from having a physical manual in your lap while you study so you can write notes or highlight sections. Your online pre-course study involves watching exercise workshop videos and while you do this, you need to be referencing the manual at the same time. This can be tricky with the digital version because you would be switching between the PDF manual and the video on your computer. So having the hard copy in your lap while you watch the videos can make your online study a lot easier.

The hard copy manual that we post out is like a textbook. It is perfect bound and has a colour cover and black and white insides.

Other Factors

Zoom Courses: If completing your practical course date fully online via Zoom, we recommend purchasing a hard copy manual because you don’t want to be switching backwards and forwards between your digital manual on your computer and the Zoom call.

Platinum Courses: We recommend purchasing a hard copy manual for Platinum Courses.





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