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How Far Out From a Course Should I Enrol?

So how far out from a course date should you enrol? Essentially, there is no such thing as booking too far out! In fact, it is a safe option because many of our courses book out a few months in advance! In addition to this, the earlier that you enrol in the course dates, the more time you will have to complete your online pre-course study! But at a minimum, registration for all of our courses closes 1 month out from the course date.

Here are some other factors which may affect which course date you choose to enrol in –

1. How Much Time Do You Need to Complete the Online Pre-Course Study?

Remember that when you enrol in a course date, this refers to the practical component of the course. And you complete any required only study BEFORE this course date. So when choosing a practical course date, you should consider your current time commitments and how long you think it would take you to complete your online pre-course study. You almost have to think about working backwords! You choose a practical course date based on how long you think it would take you to complete the online study!

For example, if you were enrolling in the Anatomy and Matwork Courses together, you would have 40 hours of online study to complete for Anatomy before attending a 1/2 day workshop. For Matwork, you would have an additional 40 hours of online study to complete before attending a 4 day workshop (80 hours in total). If you were to enrol 2 months out from the course date, this would mean roughly 10 hours of study per week over 8 weeks. If you would find this amount of study per week challenging with your current work/life commitments, you should enrol in a course more than 2 months out to give yourself a bit more time.

2. Courses Book Out Fast

The final factor to consider when looking at how far out from a course you should enrol is how many spots are left in the course. Many of our courses do book out in advance, so it is always better to enrol sooner rather than later to avoid missing our on your preferred course dates. While we regularly update our Book a Course page when there are only a few spots left, courses regularly sell out within a day, so it is not always possible to keep this updated in real time. As such, we always recommend enrolling as soon as you are able to secure your spot in a course.


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