Exercise Spotlight

Important Safety Information Regarding Biceps with the Band Exercise


Biceps with the Band is a great exercise which is challenging and helps your clients to obtain toned and defined arms.

However, there are some important safety points to be aware of when instructing this exercise to ensure clients do not injure themselves with the band flicking off their feet.

Here are our 6 tips for keeping your clients safe when instructing Biceps with the Band:

1. Keep the knees bent at all times

Cue: “Okay guys, for this one, make sure your knees stay bent with the feet facing the floor.”

2. Ensure there is not too much resistance on the band

Cue: “Make sure there isn’t too much resistance on the band where it could flick off your feet. If you feel like there is too much resistance, take your hands closer to the ends of the band.”

3. Get your clients to take off their socks

Cue: “If you would like more grip on the band, you may wish to take off your socks to ensure the band stays around your feet.”

4. What to do if the band slips off the feet

Cue: “If your band does slip off your feet, close your eyes and turn your head to the side”

5. Watch the band position around the feet

Cue: “Everyone, let’s make sure that the band is flat around your feet, we don’t want it to bunch up as this is when it may flick off your feet.”

6. Finally, as an instructor, make sure you check all of the bands regularly for nicks or cuts

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