Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Aleisha Harris

Courses Completed

Anatomy Course
Matwork Course
Ball Circle and Band Course
Pilates for Pregnancy Course
Enhanced Instructing Program


How are you using your Pilates training?

I am now instructing for two fitness companies in Perth – Aspire Group Fitness and Beach Pilates. I instruct 5 times a week and love it! My clients and I have so much fun during the classes. I also have a few private clients. My Pilates training is used daily.


What has been your greatest challenge as a Pilates instructor?

My greatest challenge would be handling the curve balls. I was instructing on a balcony at a hotel with beautiful beach views, then the window cleaning guys show up and flood the balcony, our mats were soaked! I quickly had to improvise and do as many four point kneeling and standing exercises as I could to fill the remainder of the class.


What is the one fitness or health related item you can’t live without right now?

My spikey ball. Massage and stretching is a daily ritual.


What is your personal Pilates/exercise philosophy?

Take time to be kind to yourself. Through eating fresh, exercising daily and practicing self love. Take time to stop, breathe and appreciate your surroundings.


What song or playlist is keeping you and your clients motivated in class right now?

I love my beach vibes play list! Filled with golden oldies like Van Morrison, the Beach Boys and also some new tunes. It’s fun and suits the beach location perfectly!


What is your favourite exercise to instruct right now and why?

I love teaching any Side Lying Glute exercise. It’s quite satisfying seeing my clients working hard and feeling that burn in their Glutes!


How do you prioritise or find time for your own Pilates practice?

I have to be really organised because I also work full time as a Training and Development Coordinator for a leading retailer. I set time daily for myself to stretch or go to a class.


What is the greatest tip you could give another Pilates instructor?

Go to as many Pilates classes that you can and listen and learn. Everyone has something new and different to show and offer.


What does the rest of the year hold in store for you?

This year will be a year to focus on my health. A year of travel and exploring. A year of branching out into new career opportunities.


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