Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Amelia Ricci

Courses Completed

Matwork Course
Ball Circle and Band Course
Pilates for Pregnancy Course
Platinum Instructing Course


How are you using your Pilates training?

I’m instructing at Studio Pilates Norwood. I love teaching Reformer Pilates.


What has been your greatest challenge as a Pilates instructor?

It is a challenge to cater to every individual client’s needs, but I enjoy the fast paced environment and the benefits of Pilates are evident in just a few classes.


What is the one fitness or health related item you can’t live without right now?

My iPhone is my constant companion for music, to stay up to date with social media and I also can’t do without my Pilates Circle for my home exercise program!


What is your personal Pilates/exercise philosophy?

Pilates is integral to everything I do from being a mum and having to carry my son, to Pilates helping me with my weight training for fitness model competitions. I cannot live without Pilates.


What song or playlist is keeping you and your clients motivated in class right now?

I love the Ministry of Sound workout mixes for summer!


What is your favourite exercise to instruct right now and why?

I love Scooter Lunges (on the Reformer). Once clients can perform the correct technique it is super tough and their determination is really inspirational as you see them mentally fight to get through the final few reps.


How do you prioritise or find time for your own Pilates practice?

It’s non-negotiable. If I have done Pilates, I can take on my busy schedule with ease. I put my Reformer Pilates class times in my calendar as an unbreakable appointment.


What is the greatest tip you could give another Pilates instructor?

The clients are the star of the show, don’t worry if you’re not perfect, no instructor is! As long as you are there to help and give everything to the clients, that’s the main thing.


What does the rest of the year hold in store for you?

Teaching Reformer Pilates, writing for Oxygen Magazine, being a mum and training girls for fitness competitions. It is going to be a big year.


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