Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Chenelle Weber

Courses Completed

Anatomy Course
Matwork Course
Reformer Course


How are you using your Pilates training?

I have a private studio from home.


What has been your greatest challenge as a Pilates instructor?

Working with people with injuries.


What is the one fitness or health related item you can’t live without right now?

My Reformer.


What is your personal Pilates/exercise philosophy?

Get a sweat on, every day.


What song or playlist is keeping you and your clients motivated in class right now?



What is your favourite exercise to instruct right now and why?

Side Lying Foot in Strap series, its just so effective for people who find it hard to turn on their Glutes.


How do you prioritise or find time for your own Pilates practice?

30 minutes each day while the kids are eating dinner!


What is the greatest tip you could give another Pilates instructor?

I try to attend as many classes at other studios as I can. You always learn things from other instructors.


What does the rest of the year hold in store for you?

Building my business.


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