Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Veronica Orellana Bello

Courses Completed

Anatomy Course
Matwork Course
Ball Circle and Band Course
Reformer Course
Advanced Matwork Course
Advanced Reformer Course
Wunda Chair Course
Cadillac Course
Pilates for Back Pain Course
Pilates for Pregnancy Course
Enhanced Instructing Program


How are you using your Pilates training?

As an inspiration in my own programs. Using the modifications for different clients, adding little variations for people more or less advanced and for my own workout as well.


What has been your greatest challenge as a Pilates instructor?

Initially, becoming an instructor. It was hard for me to study in a different country and in a different language. Then I started teaching in Chile and there were people who said “Your classes changed my life” or “We do not want you to go back to Australia.” Then I started a new project living in Australia again and I made videos so my Chilean clients could continue their classes. After 6 months they are still using them and waiting for me to restart. I never thought that it could work and it did. I worked a lot on that, so it is great to know that people appreciete my effort. I made more than 100 videos, one hour each, it was pretty hard actually.


What is the one fitness or health related item you can’t live without right now?

Well, my mat and a resistance band. I have been travelling and I found that those items are so easy to take and so useful. And with something as simple as a resistance band you can make great modifications.


What is your personal Pilates/exercise philosophy?

Train everyday in order to be much better


What song or playlist is keeping you and your clients motivated in class right now?

I love Cafe del Mar and Beruit


What is your favourite exercise to instruct right now and why?

Hinge and Plank. Hinge is great for different muscles and it has a lot of variations to add intensity. It is pretty difficult but so effective, and Plank it is always a challange for everybody and you work your whole body


How do you prioritise or find time for your own Pilates practice?

I do it… it is part of my life, I have found time and room to perform some exersices or stretches on the plane, when I am camping or on vacations,it is great. Normally I practice one hour everyday.


What is the greatest tip you could give another Pilates instructor?

Train everyday, be fit and eat healthy, have fun and enjoy teaching. People appreciate a friendly instructor, they feel great and confortable so they do not leave your classes, whish is pretty good.


What does the rest of the year hold in store for you?

I am starting with my own studio, I bought reformers, a cadillac and a wunda chair. It is a little scary, I live in a place where people are a little sceptical, but it worked with Matwork so this is the next step…


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