Become an Instructor

What Kind of Training Do You Offer?

At Studio Pilates, we’ve been training Pilates instructors for over 14 years. Our headquarters is based in Brisbane, Australia, but we currently train Pilates instructors around the world. We’re actually the largest provider of Pilates education in Australia and we’ve trained over 6,300 instructors in Australia alone (as of November 2020)!

What makes our courses really unique is that all of our training is really focused on giving you the practical skills that you need in the real-world as a Pilates instructor. And our aim as a company is to provide you with the most comprehensive and practical Pilates education out there.

There are a lot of courses in Australia that will teach you all the Pilates repertoire of exercises and stop there. And that’s really great, but in reality, as an instructor in the real world, you need to know so much more than this. And that’s why in addition to learning all about the exercises, our courses also teach you –

  • How to modify the Pilates exercises if someone comes into your class with an injury, a postural imbalance, if they’re pregnant, or for someone who’s just not feeling that exercise in the right place
  • How to test and activate the core muscles 
  • How to program a great Pilates workout for either rehabilitation or fitness
  • How to actually be a great instructor and “cue” effectively so you can avoid your clients sitting there staring at you with blank faces when you’re trying to tell them what to do! There’s nothing worse than that! We actually teach you something called our “Studio Pilates Cueing Formula” which is our own formula which makes instructing any exercise fool proof!

In addition to this, all of our courses are physiotherapy based and written by physiotherapists, so you can be sure that the content you are learning is based on the latest science!