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What You Learn in Studio Pilates Instructor Training

How to Program Incredible Workouts

Unfortunately most Pilates instructors who have completed other training tend to struggle with programming. However programming doesn’t have to be rocket science! Studio Pilates teaches you our fool-proof method to programming world-class workouts to keep your clients coming back for more! Learn our insider programming principles and tips from decades of leading the Pilates industry, plus how to program for different class durations, class sizes and programming for injuries, pregnancy, advanced clients and athletes. Get ready to leave your training feeling confident and excited to write your own class programs!


How to Safely Instruct Pregnant + Injured Clients

In our experience, it’s not enough to just know the exercises. You also need an advanced understanding of injuries, biomechanics and pregnancy. All of our courses are written by physiotherapists and are based on the latest clinical research so you can learn the most comprehensive rehabilitation information. With our courses, you learn about a wide range of common injuries and how to use Pilates for rehabilitation, so you can feel confident instructing any client who walks into your class.


How to Correctly Activate and Palpate the Core Muscles

Learn how to activate the core muscles correctly, as well as how to assess and correct poor movement patterns, posture and core stability. Plus, learn the most effective ways to physically correct and palpate the muscles.


How to be a Good Great Teacher

Don’t settle for ordinary. Become a truly great Pilates instructor with practical, real-world tools designed to set you up for success. Learn our famous Studio Pilates “Cueing Formula,” developed from decades in the Pilates industry to help you effectively instruct any exercise with ease. Plus, learn about methods of instruction, imagery, demonstration, voice projection and variation to set yourself up as a competitive instructor.


The History and Principles of Pilates

Learn about the history of Pilates, how Joseph Pilates created his method and how the practise has evolved over the last 100 years.


Comprehensive Repertoire of Exercises

Learn a HUGE repertoire of exercises ranging from beginner through to intermediate and advanced.