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How Much Should I Charge as a Pilates Instructor?

After completing Pilates instructor training, it is common for instructors to start thinking about beginning to instruct and wondering how much they can charge for classes. The good news is that there is absolutely no right or wrong, however there are some factors that you may wish to consider when setting a class price, including –

1. What type of class you are instructing

The type of class often affects how much you can charge as an instructor. For example, classes with the studio equipment (reformers, cadillac, wunda chair) are often charged at a higher rate than Matwork classes.

2. The number of clients in the class

Larger group classes often have a lower price, while smaller or private classes often cost more.

3. The focus of the class (fitness or rehab) 

Rehab focused classes may have a higher price than fitness based classes.

4. Prior experience

It is common for instructors with years of experience to charge more for classes.

5. Location

Finally, location may also play a factor in how much you charge as a Pilates instructor.

Ultimately, when setting a class price, there is no right or wrong, but weighing up these factors can help in deciding on an appropriate price for your class type. It may also be a good idea to review the prices of other similar Pilates classes in your area to gauge a price range that is currently being offered in that location.