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Myths and Facts About Matwork Progressions and Reformer Progressions Courses



We get asked a lot of questions about our advanced courses from Studio Pilates trained instructors like you who are looking to progress their Matwork and Reformer skills with the Matwork Progressions or Reformer Progressions courses, but are not entirely sure how the repertoire in the advanced courses can enhance their skills and help their specific clients.

So let’s look at some of the myths and facts around the Matwork Progressions and Reformer Progressions courses to help you make the best decision about your Pilates career.




Fact #1: Learn more ways to progress the matwork and reformer repertoire

The Matwork Progressions and Reformer Progressions courses are focused on progressing your foundation knowledge and taking your skills to the next level. The courses are a lot more than just “advanced exercises” and the repertoire is able to benefit a much wider range of demographics than just “advanced clients”. The courses also allow an opportunity for you as instructor to really progress your Pilates knowledge and enhance your own learning under the guidance of our expert course facilitators.


Fact #2: Add more variety for you and your clients

These courses add so much variety not only for your clients, but also for you as instructor as it can become boring teaching the same exercises over and over again. The advanced repertoire really adds another dimension to your classes and gives you the skills to instruct your clients at a higher level.




Myth #1: The exercises in Matwork Progressions and Reformer Progressions courses are all incredibly challenging/advanced 

The aim of these courses is to progress your matwork and reformer knowledge, as well as progressing the repertoire of exercises in your instructing toolkit. In the courses, we also focus on how to progress your clients from the foundation course exercises into the more intermediate and advanced exercises. While the Matwork Progressions and Reformer Progressions courses do contain some challenging / advanced exercises, they also contain a whole range of exercises which are more of an intermediate level.


Myth #2: Your own level of fitness has to be advanced to do the courses

This concern is a barrier for so many instructors who worry that they may not be advanced enough themselves to complete the courses. The great news is that you do not have to be of an advanced level yourself to complete the Matwork Progressions or Reformer Progressions courses! The main focus of the course is teaching you how to instruct or cue the repertoire of exercises safely and effectively, you do not need to be able to perform all of the exercises yourself.


Myth #3: The advanced courses are only useful for clients who are dancers 

While it is true that the matwork progressions and reformer progressions repertoires are fantastic for dancers, these exercises are so much more versatile than just one demographic and can be modified for varying levels and abilities.


Myth #4: All of the advanced exercises require a great deal of flexibility

Not true! Some series in the advanced courses are challenging in terms of flexibility while other exercises are challenging in terms of intensity, cueing, movement or strength required. These courses feature a wide range of exercises and only some of these require flexibility!


Myth #5: Injured clients can’t perform the advanced exercises

Some of the exercises in these courses are actually really great options for injured clients and can help with the management of injuries!


Myth #6: You have to have been teaching for a number of years / a number of classes prior to learning the advanced repertoire

You don’t need to have taught a certain number of classes before attending these courses! Many instructors progress into learning these courses straight away after completing the foundation Matwork and Reformer courses. The only pre-requisite to enrolling in the Matwork Progressions Course is the Studio Pilates Matwork Course. Similarly, the only pre-requisite to enrolling in the Reformer Progressions Course is having completed the Studio Pilates Reformer Course. While some instructors, do prefer to go away and teach the foundation repertoire for a period of time before progressing their skills, we find that a majority of instructors get more out of continuing their learning straight away. This is because these courses are progressions from the foundation repertoire, so completing them straight away really helps solidify your knowledge of the foundation repertoire as well as the new advanced exercises. It also means that you have more access to a course facilitator and more of a chance to ask questions and gain feedback on your instructing.


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