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Why Do I Need to Complete Matwork Before Reformer?

Most Pilates instructor courses require you to learn about Matwork Pilates prior to Reformer training. However with the rise in popularity of the Reformer, many people wonder why they need to complete Matwork training first.

At Studio Pilates, our Matwork Course is the prerequisite to the Reformer Course. This is because the Matwork Course teaches you all of the Pilates fundamentals, including –

  • Breathing
  • Spinal positions
  • Abdominal activation
  • Shoulder/neck positioning

As well as the basics, you will learn our specific way of cueing in the Matwork Course. We call this our Studio Pilates Cueing Formula. You master this specific Cueing Formula in our Matwork Course and then this is assumed knowledge in all of our other ongoing education courses. You are actually assessed based on this Cueing Formula in every single one of our courses, so it is really important to master this in the initial Matwork Course.

Finally, most of the Reformer exercises actually flow off the Matwork repertoire, so it’s really important to learn the original exercises first before progressing them onto Reformer!