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Studio Pilates Matwork Course

The Studio Pilates Matwork Level 1 course is a great way to learn new skills, and potentially start a new career in the health and fitness industry. Once you have completed Matwork though, it is common to ask yourself “What further education can I do now, and what will that allow me to do?” The Pilates industry is booming, with just as much demand from both the fitness and rehabilitation populations. Studio Pilates has you covered, with specialised courses to help you advance in the path you want to take.

The Studio Pilates International® Matwork course is a 3 day comprehensive Pilates course designed by Physiotherapists with over 12 years experience in teaching Pilates. It is tailored specifically for the health and fitness industry but is Physiotherapy based, so you not only learn the traditional Pilates exercises and how to teach them, but also the modern science behind them and the latest knowledge on core stability and injury management.

The course is very practical, with small class sizes to ensure you learn:

  • Over 70 basic-intermediate Pilates exercises
  • Common spinal injuries and using Pilates for rehabilitation
  • Programming for athletes and advanced clients how to challenge your clients’ core
  • Correct muscle activation of the deep core stabilisers
  • Assessment and correction of poor movement patterns
  • Assessment of posture and core stability
  • Pre/post pregnancy workouts and Women’s Health related issues
  • How to instruct a great Pilates mat class

On completion of the course you will be a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and will be able to teach Pilates in either an individual or group setting.

The course is based on the latest Physiotherapy research, and incorporates activation of Transversus Abdominus, Multifidus, Pelvic Floor, Iliacus and Deep Hip Rotators, Gluteal muscles, Serratus Anterior, Deep Neck Flexors and Lower Trapezius.

In the course you learn not only how to activate these deep stabilising muscles at a basic level, but also how to challenge your clients and build global core strength for more functional rehabilitation and strength and fitness training, which enables you to program for clients of all levels and abilities.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is accurate up to 21 January 2015. As of December 2016, the Matwork Course runs over 3.5 days.

The Matwork course consists of 2 elements:

1. A pre-course study component (approximately 30 hours of study) 

This is home study that can be completed in your own time via studying the course manuals, doing the workout DVDs and looking at the video tutorials in the Online Training Centre. This part of the course includes:

  • Doing the Studio Pilates Workout DVD 20 times to practice approximately 10 hours
  • Watching the videos in the Online Training Centre and read over the course manuals  approximately 14 hours
  • Completing the online multiple choice pre-course exam approximately 1 hour

2. A 3 day practical face-to-face workshop

After completing the required study, there is a 3 day practical face-to-face workshop in which you can revise all of the material you have learned and give you the chance to practice and refine your instructing skills and receive help and support from your instructor trainer.

Face to face practical course outline:


  • Postural types and Posture Assessment review
  • Review of Stabilising muscles and Core stability muscle testing
  • Teaching the Basics of Pilates
  • Learning styles and Cueing Formula
  • Supine abdominal series learn the technical points practice teaching the exercises


Technical points and instructing practice of the following:

  • Side lying series
  • Supine Buttock Series and Kneeling Series
  • Prone Lying Series
  • Plank Series
  • Injuries and pregnancy programming


  • Group workout/class taken by the Instructor Trainer
  • Stretches
  • Revision of exercises
  • Practice instructing in pairs and in a group class setting
  • Practical examination

Post Course Assessment:

Simply take the online multiple choice post-course exam located in our Online Training Centre.

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To learn more, to register or to have a conversation about Studio Pilates certification courses, simply call our education department on 07 3899 4555 or 0488 014 618

Studio Pilates International courses are registred with these fitness bodies**:


* You must be a registered Group Exercise/ Gym Instructor in order to attain Fitness Australia CECs

**Fitness Australia approve the education delivered within the Scope of Practice for Registered Exercise Professionals and have allocated CECs accordingly to this program. Fitness Australia however don’t recognise the title of becoming a Pilates Instructor as referred to within this program.


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